7+ very attractive men’s long hair

How can long men’s hair be transformed to not be monotonous and bring more stylish beauty to men? And are there any shapes that men can choose and change with a long hair? The following article of Zema Hair will tell you the answer.

Man Bun style long hair

If you love being different and want to create a more stylish image for yourself, then Man Bun is a perfect hairstyle that will help you do this.

Man bun is a hairstyle with a very characteristic feature with equal length of hair. The length of the hair is about 20-25cm. Usually, the long hair behind and on the top of the head will be neatly trimmed and tied up, then the nape of the back will no longer be covered by long hair. This hairstyle is often commented on creating a romantic, dusty, and masculine look for its owner. Even a lot of men when wearing this type of car have exuded a very liberal beauty, like famous actors.

This hairstyle is also not picky about the face, the most important thing is that you have long enough hair. You can see tlong male brain enough to be able to pull it up like that, it usually takes about 1 year to grow your hair, so if your hair is still short, be patient with it for a while.

Man Bun's long hair tied to the top of his head
Man Bun’s long hair tied on top of his head


Comma hairstyle

Long romantic male hair

Mention the style long male hair Romantic people remember movie stars, handsome photographers. Because men’s hair often creates a very characteristic beauty, easy to remember and easy to impress. It creates a wild, wild beauty and, as its name suggests, is very “romantic:

This hairstyle often has a slight curl, sometimes like water waves, and often has a very attractive middle part. If you pay attention, you can see many Hollywood male stars and Korean male stars also often wear this hairstyle. Looks cool and stylish too.

Korean male stars are famous for their romantic long hair
Korean male stars are famous for their romantic long hair

Men’s long bob hair

People think that long bob hair is only for women and looks very feminine will not be suitable for men. But it’s not, it’s better to be different. You may recall world-famous male stars such as David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom who have built a masculine, powerful, seductive and romantic image through their style. long male hair bob.

And it is these male stars who promote the bob hairstyle, making this hairstyle more popular among both men and women.

Bob hair is trimmed symmetrically on both sides and usually reaches shoulder length, then depending on each person, the hair will be slightly curly, parted or not, or left natural, combined with hair dyeing will look very prominent.

Lightly curled long bob hair
Lightly curled long bob hair

Long straight male hair

Short straight men’s hair brings a simple and elegant beauty to men. Long straight hair has a bold beauty and will certainly attract more attention. Many people are still afraid that this hairstyle will make them look feminine and will picky faces. However, this is not entirely true because it is proven that there are many men with long straight hair that still show masculinity.Men’s long hair Straight lines sometimes find it simple because there is no need to style too fussy. Sometimes just stroking the roof back is enough to attract the viewer. That’s why so many people still love this hairstyle.

Men’s straight long hair is not monotonous, you can leave it to the length you like then combine with a middle or skewed part, combined with a little bit of color, it will be extremely personal.

However, a beautiful long straight hair needs to be trimmed and cared for to have smoothness. Whether male or female, it is the same. Because if your hair is straight, it will look sloppy or frizzy.

Smooth long straight male hair
Smooth long straight male hair

Men’s undercut long hair

If you have very thin hair, this is a smart choice that can make your hair look thicker. Let’s see how this hairstyle will look first.

The first is that the hair on the sides and back is cut short as is typical of the undercut hairstyle. Particularly, the hair on the top of the head will be left long so that it can be tied at the top of the head.

Many men choose to bun their long hair on the top of their heads, but there are also many boys who brush their hair to one side. Each style has a different look. If it is the column style, you will be very strong, romantic, and seductive, while the side brush style shows a masculine beauty and is a bit “manly”.

With style long male hair The undercut combination is also very suitable for hot weather. Maybe that’s why many people love this hairstyle.

Long undercut hair for men
Long undercut hair for men

Men’s long hair fade

For those who are passionate about fade hair and like to keep it long, they can confidently try it because this year long fade hair is on the throne and is highly appreciated for its aesthetics.

This is considered a variation inspired by the fade hairstyle to bring a new and more distinctive look to men. The hairstyle still retains the main features of the fade hair, which is the hair on both sides of the head and the nape of the neck shaved close to the scalp, which looks very cool. But the main innovation point is the bangs and top to be long and swept back. This is also the highlight to help men become more masculine, elegant and “sexy”. Surely many women will like this.

Sexy long fade hair
Sexy long fade hair

Long parted male hair

Do you remember the image of the second brother Dan Truong, an extremely handsome male star with long parted hair that captivates people. It’s been 20 years, but his parted hair is still hot and helps him “mark image copyright” in the public eye. To this day, he still keeps this characteristic middle parted hairstyle. Enough to show that parting hairstyles have an extraordinary power.

Just a little long hair and parting will help the hair become more bouncy and attractive. Not to mention when the hair is permed, waved and colored. However, you should note that this hairstyle should not be too long because it will look very sloppy. It is best that the bangs should only be a little longer than the ears.

Parted long hair gives men more personality
Parted long hair gives men more personality

Layered long men’s hair

Men’s long hair layer is a hairstyle not to be missed for those who are lucky to own a long hair. When cut in a layered style, the hair will look more stylish and not only bring a stylish and pompous beauty to the boys, but also create a perfect highlight for the face.

mullet hairstyle

It is also worth mentioning that this hairstyle is suitable for all faces. The hair is trimmed and layered with a tail that hugs the face, which will definitely help a man’s face be exalted perfectly.

Depending on each person’s preferences and personality, men can add some other variations such as slightly curling, or straightening, combining with bangs or coloring their hair. So modern, trendy but more personal.

Long hair for men in a layered style
Long hair for men in a layered style

Here is a list of 8 styles long male hairi is the most beautiful today and also the most popular hairstyles for men. Zema Hair believes that you can have more new ideas to change your hair.

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