Watch a cool movie and suddenly find out what the main character is your wife

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A rare story happened to a man in Egypt when he was watching a “cool” movie on the internet when he was shocked to find out that the main character in the movie was… his wife.

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While watching a movie in a cafe, Ramadan curiously “visited” a sex website and he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw his wife’s image appearing in the sex movie he was watching. At first Ramadan did not believe this to be true. He tried to calm down to clarify the truth of the matter. He checked out a few more movies and found that to be the heartbreaking truth. His wife even appeared in 11 other films. After that, Ramadam rushed home to ask about his wife.

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At first his wife insisted and even expressed anger towards Ramadam. She also swore poison and tried to find excuses to avoid it. However, after Ramadan gave evidence of his wife’s sex videos, she knew it was undeniable that she admitted to filming sex. She also confessed that the man in the film is her ex-boyfriend. She also added that she does not love Ramadan even though the two have been together for 16 years and have four children.

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Ramadan was left speechless and almost certain the couple would divorce.

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