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Influencer Marketing is one of the most trending activities in recent years. According to data collected from the listening tool Social Heat, up to 78% of online users are influenced by the advice of people they trust. Among Influencers, the group with the most powerful influence is Celeb. Let’s find out with webgiaidap.com What is a Celeb? and the art of using Celeb in communication with the article below.

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What are Celebrities? Selena Gomez – one of the top Celebs in the world – What does Celebrity mean? (Photo: Nylon)

What is the key to the success of Marketing campaigns using Celeb?

Calvin Klein used pop star Justin Bieber in the #MyCalvins campaign that took place in 2014 and 2015. The company admitted that Justin Bieber helped the campaign reach more of a global audience of more than 469 million people, the number of Calvin Klein followers has increased by 5 million thanks to the regular presence of this Celeb. So what is the reason why Celebs are so important to the success of brands’ marketing campaigns?


What is the difference between Social Influencer and Celeb? (Photo: Influencive)

Influencer Marketing is promoting products or services through people, usually famous people, who have the ability to influence the field in which the brand offers products. In the world of Influencer, there are usually two types of people including including: Celeb and Social Influencer. While celebrities gain followers because people love their songs, movies, plays, books, Social Influencers attract followers based on interests, knowledge in a field. Specifically. Social Influencer attracts followers who share that interest and want to learn more about that topic through Social Media such as Personal Blog page, Vlog, Facebook account, Instagram, etc.

Social Influencers have a lot of product knowledge and relevance, they need to invest a lot in content to attract customers, while Celeb simply uploads or takes photos with a certain brand’s products to raise awareness. awareness and reach more consumers. Like how Selena Gomez gained fame because of her musical talent. Most of her fans are because they love her music.


What is the art of using celeb? (Photo: Jerry Coons Jr)

Celeb’s credibility falls into three categories: expertise, credibility, and appeal. If a celebrity has a checkered past or controversial opinions, it can reduce their credibility as a spokesperson.

The art of choosing a Celeb is to find their elements and evaluate the fit. Here are some criteria to choose Celeb for Marketing and advertising campaigns:

Familiarity – Every Celeb will have their own set of fans. Businesses can’t choose a Celeb that influences young people to promote a baby product. Therefore, it is necessary to find out how familiar Celeb is with customers.

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Relevance – Marketers should strive to create the greatest match between the product and the celebrity backing Celeb’s reputation. The chosen celebrity must be seen in the public eye as associated with the product they endorse. The bigger the link, the more customers trust the message sent.Reputation – Celeb marketing is about associating a celebrity’s reputation with a product. The better their reputation, the more reputable the product will be with consumers.Difference – The advertising market is fierce and it can be difficult to distinguish similar products from one another. Advertisers are always trying to find messages or images that make their products seem unique when compared to their competitors. Having a Celeb announcer out of the blue is a great way to make a difference and get noticed.

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Celebrities like Celeb have the biggest reach among social influencers. The greatest value a celebrity can provide is the mass audience coverage he or she can provide. What is a Celeb?? They don’t necessarily have knowledge or credibility in a particular field because they are already famous. In addition, brands need to choose the right Celeb in terms of reputation, brand compatibility, and above all, cost considerations to get the most effective for the most successful Marketing campaign.


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