What are office hours?

Concept time in works It is quite popular because this is considered the prescribed working hours of state agencies and many other businesses. However, not everyone knows What are the office hours?? Explore this topic with iJobs in more detail in the article below.

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I. What are office hours?

Time in works is the way to call working hours in a day of workers. That time is calculated into 8 hours for 1 day, including lunch break.

There is another concept of office hours. That is the working hours of employees that companies and state agencies do in a day. In general, all concepts are almost the same and also refer to the working time of employees.


II. What are the office hours?

Job What are the office hours? depends on a lot of factors. We can mention the specifics, different nature of work or each company’s own regulations on office hours is different. As long as the company guarantees 8 hours for employees. However, most companies apply the current office hours as follows:

– Morning: starting from 8 am to 12 am.

– Afternoon: from 1:30 to 5:30.

– Working time in a week lasts from Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday are holidays.

Depending on the regulations and conditions of each company, the above office hours may differ by 1 hour or 30 minutes.


III. Office hours regulations that you need to know

Office hours quite common, but not all employees know the information and regulations on administrative working hours. Here are four things workers need to pay attention to:

1. Office hours only work 08 hours/day

– Working time of employees does not exceed 8 hours/day and 48 hours/week. Agencies or businesses have the right to set working hours, but they must not exceed the time specified above.

– Depending on the nature of work, the office hours at businesses and units will vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The following office hours apply:

Morning: from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Afternoon: from 13:30 to 17:30.

+ Working time is from Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday off.

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2. Is working overtime working overtime or not?

Employees working overtime are still working overtime, however, their overtime working hours are regulated by the Labor Law. As follows:

– Not more than 50% of working time in 1 day, ie 04 hours/day.

– If you work on a weekly basis, the time will not exceed 12 hours.

– After each period of working overtime for many consecutive days in a month, it must be arranged for the employee to have a compensatory rest for the time that has not been taken.


3. How are annual leave days calculated?

Regarding the number of days of annual leave of employees, in Article 111 of the current Labor Code, it is stated that employees who have worked for full 12 months are entitled to annual leave and receive full salary:

– 12 working days for people doing work in normal conditions;

– 14 working days for people who do heavy, hazardous or dangerous jobs or in places with harsh living conditions; minor workers or people with disabilities;

– 16 working days for people doing particularly heavy, hazardous or dangerous jobs or in places with particularly harsh living conditions.

In addition, for those who have worked for a long time, the law also allows, for every 5 years of working, the number of above-mentioned annual leave days will be increased by 1 day respectively.


4. People who work office hours are entitled to 10 holidays/year

In Article 115 of the Labor Code 2012, employees in general and those working by office hours in particular are entitled to 10 holidays/year and receive full salary. Includes the following dates:

– New Year’s Eve: 01 day (January 1 of the solar calendar);

– Lunar New Year: 05 days;

– Victory Day (April 30, solar calendar) 01 day;

– International Labor Day (May 1, solar calendar): 01 day;

– National Day (September 2, solar calendar) 01 day;

– Hung Kings Commemoration Day (March 10 of the lunar calendar): 01 day.

If the above-mentioned rest days coincide with the weekly rest day, the employee is also entitled to make up for the rest of the following day.


IV. Some occupations often work during office hours

1. Jobs Office – Administration – Human Resources

The nature of the work Office – Administration – Human resources related to the papers and documents of the business, responsible for managing the company’s human resources, performing jobs from small to large to large in the company. . It can be said that during office hours, the administrative-office department is quite busy and needs time management skills to successfully complete the job task.

2. Accounting – auditing jobs

The job of the Accountant – Audit of the business is to work during office hours. However, at the time of audit, tax report, financial statement, etc., it is necessary to work overtime or work at home to ensure the workload to be completed.

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3. Teachers, lecturers

According to the regulations, the working hours of teachers and lecturers will follow the administrative time frame. However, due to the nature of work, the time to prepare lesson plans for class and teaching also takes a lot of time.

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