What diseases do Panax ginseng leaves?

Panax ginseng leaves are likened to a kind of “panacea”, “a precious medicine”, with many effective uses in beauty and health care, especially insomnia.

Panax ginseng is one of the good medicines of Eastern medicine, it can be easily found in the countryside of Vietnam. The leaves have high medicinal properties, so they are very trusted in traditional medicine.

The leaves are well known for their ability to treat fever, insomnia, sedation and pain relief. So specifically drink water Panax ginseng leaves What effect? Let’s webgiaidap.com Learn more about this drug through the article below!


Panax ginseng leaves

What is clove leaf?

Panax ginseng leaves is the part of the leaves of the Panax ginseng plant, also known as the fish salad tree, and the male yang ginseng. The plant has the scientific name Polyscias fruticosa Harms, belongs to the Ginseng family. The leaves are usually used in the dried form. Because it not only preserves for a long time, but also has the same effect as fresh leaves.

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Leaves can be dried, dried or star-dried depending on the intended use. Often the dried leaves will be used as medicine. Besides, fresh leaves are also used as vegetables to accompany dishes.

Characteristics of Panax ginseng leaves

Panax ginseng leaves grows staggeredly along the foliage like a herringbone. Belonging to the form of compound leaves, each such leaf will be split 3 times in the shape of a feather. Leaf margins are often serrated but uneven. The petiole is quite small, averaging 3-8mm long, with a slight fragrance. People often rely on the morphological characteristics of leaves to classify plants.

How many types of cloves are there?

Panax ginseng has a total of 7 types, each type will have its own characteristics. Specifically:

Small leaf clover

This is the most common type in the genus Panax ginseng. Usually when it comes to cloves, people will immediately think of this small leaf. The leaves of this plant are mainly dried and used medicinally or as a spice.


Panax ginseng

Large-leaf clover

This type is also known as large-leaf clover, long-leaf clover or small-leaf clover. The tree has large leaves, as the name suggests. Compared with small-leaved plants, this type has more oblong and elongated leaves. This tree is very rare, can grow wild in the forest.

Panaxilla tree with round leaves

The round-leaf clover is also known as the mussel shell clover. The tree has round, large leaves. The leaves are white and green, alternating harmoniously, looking very beautiful. This species is mainly grown for decoration and ornamental purposes in the garden.

Coniferous clove tree

The tree is coniferous, with a round version. Leaves are serrated, petioles small and short. Plants are found in many bonsai shops, used for indoor decoration. The tree is quite small, so people often put it in mini pots to attract guests.


Panax ginseng leaf image

Silver leaf clove

Silver-leaf clover is also known as edging and blooming cloves. The tree has a similar shape to the coniferous clover. However, this variety has a prominent feature that is the leaf border is white. Currently, this tree is being widely planted as a bonsai.

Drumstick leaves disc

This plant is very little known. The leaves are large and round. Usually, it is only grown as an ornamental. The leaves are quite saucer-like, not serrated like the rest.

Red clover with striped leaves

The striped clover has leaves that look like petals, split at many edges. The leaves are striped with white as the name suggests. This tree is very rare in our country.


Dried Panax ginseng leaves

How gold stars land the leaves

In order to make gold, you need to prepare 1kg of dried leaves and a large, low pot. Next, put the pot on the stove to heat the stove, then pour in the prepared dried leaves.

Starch medicinal herbs until fragrant. Then proceed to lower the ground medicine. The way this gold star descends to earth is used to treat coughs very effectively, even for adults and children.

How to make clove leaf pillow for baby

Step 1: Drying Panax ginseng leaves

Panax ginseng leaves should be washed, spread evenly and dried in the cool shade to avoid sunlight to keep the best fragrance from 2-3 days. Note that this is a very important step to determine the quality of the dandelion pillow, if carelessly drying, it can cause mold and affect the quality of the pillow.

Step 2: Dry

After drying Panax ginseng leaves We let it dry.

Step 3: Make a pillow case

Take Panax ginseng leaves and polyester cotton (specially used for making pillows) mixed in a ratio of up to 1:1 to stuff it into the pillowcase, sewing the inside of the pillow for the baby. The ratio of Panax ginseng leaves and cotton balls should be the same, to avoid the scent stored on the pillow being too dark or turning into traditional medicine. Cotton fabric is the most suitable fabric for you to choose to make a pillow for your baby.

When sewing, pay attention to the thickness of the pillow. For children under 1 year old, a pillow with a small size of 22cm x 32cm should be used, over 2 years old should use a pillow of 30cm x 40cm and from 4 to 10 years old, the appropriate size will be 35cm x 50cm.

So you can make your own lovely pillows that are extremely good for your children right now.


How to make clove leaf pillow for baby

What is the effect of the clove leaf pillow?

The effects of clove leaf pillow that you should learn:

Quickly relieve shoulder and neck pain, neck pain of people who often have to work in the office, or work at homePillars of cloves improve sleep quality, stress brings a spirit of freshness and optimism

In particular, this clover pillow also has great effects for children such as:

It has the effect of stimulating the development of the brain and central nervous system to the maximum. It has the effect of helping your baby sleep deeply and comfortably thanks to its moderate height design with the child’s neck. The baby’s crying, startling state during sleep .

Panax ginseng bath for babies

Choose quality Panax ginseng leaves, not too young or too old, fresh or dried. After that, wash the dirt on the leaves and then soak the leaves in salt water for about 15-20 minutes.

Next, take it out to drain the water and start cooking water for the baby. Put the leaves in a pot with 2 liters of water. Boil for about 10 minutes, then turn off the heat. Remove the leaves, take the freshly cooked water and mix it with cold water. Use your hand to test the water is warm enough to start bathing the baby.


Panax ginseng bath for babies

Uses of Panax ginseng

Panax ginseng leaves have many effective therapeutic uses that not everyone knows. Here are some of the medicinal uses:

Detoxify effect, prevent allergies Treat insomnia, cure long-term cough Beautify skin, make skin whiter, smoother, treat acne Nourish the body, cure blocked milk ducts Sedative effect, increase the effect of anti-inflammatory drugs Malaria, cure cough, clear urine and cure dysentery, help wounds heal quickly Create deep sleep, circulation of blood vessels in the brain Help tonify blood, digestion, benefit milk, reduce swelling and inflammation Increase resistance, increase the immune system Treat itchiness , swelling, swelling of the breast Used as a pillow for young children, helping the baby not to sweat his head, not sweating, sleep without startling, sleep better, deeper Support the treatment of dizziness, headache


Fresh Panax ginseng leaves

What are the benefits of clove leaves?

Dingling is likened to a kind of “panacea”, “a precious medicine”, with many effective uses in beauty and health care. Panax ginseng leaves, too, also bring a lot of value in supporting the treatment of diseases and nourishing the body. Specifically, let’s find out in detail about each effect of medicinal herbs:

Panax ginseng leaves have the effect of helping milk

Drinking Panax ginseng after giving birth is not only good for the mother’s health but also benefits milk. Many women after giving birth have blocked milk glands, do not have milk to breastfeed, have to use formula milk.

However, if you persistently drink Panax ginseng leaf juice every day, it will help you to produce more milk. Milk also contains many essential nutrients for the long-term development of children.

Learn more about dandelion also has beneficial effects on milk, anti-inflammatory.


Facial steaming with clove leaves

The effect ofPanax ginseng helps to whiten skin

Using Panax ginseng leaves to whiten skin is one of the most appreciated beauty methods. Especially effective and safe for women. Panax ginseng leaves have amino acids such as methionine, cysteine, alacoid, glucoid, especially B vitamins, which have an effective effect on the skin whitening process.

The effect ofAyurvedic treatment for insomnia

One of the leading effects of this medicine is to treat insomnia as effectively as longan or lime. In herbal medicine contains many ingredients that help to calm the mind, relax the mind, bring better and deeper sleep.

Many studies show that this medicinal herb can be added to a sleeping pillow alone to treat long-term insomnia. Or if you don’t like the smell of herbs, you can drink them well. These two methods are equally effective.

The effect of Panax ginseng leaves to treat coughs for a long time

Referring to Panax ginseng leaves, people will immediately think of the miraculous cough treatment ability of this herb. This is a very popular folk remedy. If you are suffering from a cough for a long time that has not gone away, try this herbal remedy to see how it goes.

Panax ginseng leaves, eaten raw, have the following effects:

Supports blocked milk ducts, coughs up blood, prevents rashes, urticaria. Helps blood circulation, replenishes blood and helps lactating women have more milk and come back faster. It has a cool, bitter taste. help detoxify, treat dysentery, anti-allergic.Increase the amplitude of brain voltage, increase the ratio of alpha and beta waves, reduce the ratio of delta waves. Helps the cerebral cortex to be slightly activated, increasing the function of the nervous system. Saponin (like ginseng), vitamin B1 and 13 essential amino acids, rich in nutrients to help nourish the body. Help diuretic, treat emaciation, increase energy, cool blood, good digestion, support people with depression, fatigue, nourishing the body.

Read more about khazi fruit also has an effective cough treatment.

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The effect of Panax ginseng leaves to treat cough

What disease does Panax leaves cure?

What is the treatment of Panax ginseng leaves is always the top concern of users. This is a cure for many diseases. There is a different remedy for each disease. Here are some typical herbal remedies:

Panax ginseng leaves cure viral fever


200g fresh fenugreek leaves. 20g white salt.

How to use: Wash the medicinal herbs and then soak them in diluted salt water for about 15-20 minutes. Then remove them, drain. Next, put the medicinal herbs into the mortar, use a pestle to crush them. Filter the juice and divide it into 2-3 times for children to drink during the day. The residue is applied to the forehead and left until dry.

Panax ginseng leaves cure disease


30g dried fenugreek leaves.2 liters of clean water.

How to use: Bring medicinal herbs to the golden star to land. Then put in a sharp pot with 2 liters of prepared water. Take this water divided and drink 3 times a day. Cook once a day with the above dosage. Use it every day for fast results.


How gold stars land the leaves

Panax ginseng leaves cure insomnia


30g Panax ginseng 500ml clean water

How to use: All washed and then put in the pot, sharp with low heat. Sac drains to 300ml of water, divided into 2 drinks per day.

Cure clogged milk ducts with Panax ginseng leaves


50g fenugreek leaves 10g white salt

How to use: Wash the ingredients and dry. Then, crush the 2 flavors on top of 10g of salt prepared to create a mixture. Apply this mixture on your chest. Follow this method once a day. After 1 week will start to see the effect.


Crushed Panax ginseng leaves with lettuce

Cure stolen sweat with clove leaves


50g Panax ginseng leaves

How to use: Wash the above herbs and then decoction with 1.5 liters of water. Sac until about half is left. Use this water to drink instead of filtered water every day. For children, only decoction of Panax ginseng leaves to drink.

What are the benefits of drinking water of fenugreek leaves?

After the leaves are harvested, they are washed and dried. Drinking water daily has the effect of helping to cure diseases such as cerebral ischemia, insomnia, and night sweats. At the same time, it also helps to treat itching, effective milk benefits.

Is it good to drink Panax ginseng every day?

Drinking water of Panax ginseng every day not only helps stabilize blood sugar, it also supports blood circulation, treating menstrual disorders. In addition, Panax ginseng leaf juice also works to strengthen resistance, relieve pain in the abdomen and uterus for women after childbirth.

Drinking Panax ginseng leaves is not only good for health but also helps to treat many diseases effectively. Ordinary people can also use medicinal herbs to drink water to strengthen the body’s resistance.

The effect of Panax ginseng is very good for those who have cough, long-term insomnia or loss of milk after giving birth. This is also a special medicine for the above diseases, very trusted by folk.

Every day, take a few dried cloves leaves, yellow star, then drink it as tea, you will see the unexpected effect it brings.

Can children drink Panax ginseng juice?

Usually, for children, cloves are put into pillows to help them sleep well, or use the leaves to cook bath water to treat heat rash, allergies, and urticaria. However, few people know that the remedy is also safe for children over 6 years old.

Drinking Panax ginseng leaf juice to treat cough in children

The decoction of this leaf can effectively cure cough in children. You can take a handful of dried leaves about 10-15g, wash with water, then decoction with 1 liter of water for children to drink. Dosage in children is half that of adults.

Drinking Panax ginseng leaf juice cures asthma in children

Asthma often recurs when it gets cold. Causes dry coughs, shortness of breath, or respiratory distress. For children, this prolonged symptom will be very dangerous, because the child’s respiratory system is still quite immature. The effect of Panax ginseng leaf juice can support the treatment of this disease.

In the remedy for asthma for children, we need to combine the following herbs: 10g each of dried fenugreek leaves, juniper root, yellow turmeric, thick leafy greens, 5g of dried ginger root, 5g of sage. Sac with 700ml of water, give it to the child to drink while it is still warm.

Use the drug according to the course, a course of 15 days, stop 5 days. Then continue to start a new course. Until it’s over.

Who should use Panax ginseng leaves?

Here are some subjects that should use medicinal herbs to treat diseases:

People who do not sleep well, often wake up People with boils, itching, swelling People who are often tired, headache, dizzy Women after giving birth with loss of milk Children with insomnia, sweating, Normal people can also use it to enhance health, beautify the skin, nourish the body.

Learn more about the precious medicine of Panax ginseng, Panax ginseng root.


Panax ginseng leaf juice

Where do you buy cloves?

Currently, on the market, there are many addresses selling clove leaves, but the origin is unknown. If you are in need of buying medicinal ginseng leaves, you can come to HerbalAn Quoc Thai. We are committed that medicinal herbs are purchased entirely from mountainous provinces, ensuring the right type, high quality, and not mixing any other ingredients.

An Quoc Thai is currently one of the most prestigious traditional medicine pharmacies in Ho Chi Minh City. Customers can feel secure when ordering products from the pharmacy.

Selling price of Dinh Lang leaves: 120,000 VND/kg.

Selling price does not include shipping fee.

Note: The effect of the product may vary from person to person.

The above article answered the question: “What are the benefits of drinking water of fenugreek leaves?“.

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