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Despite meeting a lot, but what is Lol still many people wonder and find out every time they are caught in the comments, inbox on Zalo, Facebook …. The following article will answer your question in the best way.

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On the comments (comments) on Facebook you often see the word LoL but do not know what this word means. To learn What is Lol in English Facebook commentsreaders refer to the following article of webgiaidap.comnhe.

What is lol in english?

What is Lol in English Facebook comments?

LoL in English stands for Laugh out Loud nice Laughing out Loud, Vietnamese meaning is to laugh out loud, laugh out loud, laugh sideways, etc. This word is used in cases when someone wants to express their feelings, either they are being funny or want to laugh. except with someone when chatting, commenting. So, when they see something so funny that they can’t help it, young people often comment Lol on facebook. In particular, using the acronym Lol will help users save time instead of having to write the full word Laugh out Loud. LoL nice Laugh out Loud originated from the 9GAG online community, where a collection of images and video clips are created for entertainment purposes only.

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What is the hot word Lol in some cases is also modified by many people, when first encountered, it will have a dirty meaning. Therefore, from What does lol mean? Also curious by young people. Although the meaning of this word is not obscene, when pronounced Lol is close to the word “l**n” which has a sensitive meaning in Vietnamese. Therefore, users need to limit the use of this word to avoid misunderstanding. However, in communication with foreigners, it is completely possible to use it normally.


What does lol mean in english

In addition, for professional gamers, Lol in lmht is no longer strange. Because this stands for League of Legends, ie League of Legends, the game is quite HOT and popular in Vietnam today. This information has helped readers understand the meaning and what the word Lol is in League of Legends. However, it is also used as a swear word by young people: lol lol, liar lol, free lol, etc. what is lol, what is lol lol? Why call like that?

– Xam lol is a curse with a dirty meaning. The word xam comes from the South and is used as an adjective to describe repetition and continuous boredom when referring to a certain thing or phenomenon. In addition, xam also means to express the bland, tasteless about a certain story that other people tell. Your attitude at this point is that the other person is talking nonsense, talking about heaven, miscellaneous, so it is not worth your attention. And lol lol is a swear word when you have a problem that makes you angry.

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– Scam lol is also a word used similar to lol lol. The meaning of this phrase is shown to refute, not believe what others say because you think they are lying, not true.

Lol in addition to the above meanings can also be acronyms such as: Love out Loud, Lots of Laugh, Land of Lemon, etc. Along with the word LOL, young people often say it. shit lol. So What is a drop?? Should we use the word scatter in communication?

https://webgiaidap.com/lol-nghia-la-gi-trong-cac-comment-facebook-tieng-anh-37316n.aspx Lol and Kol at first glance will be easy to mistake for one, only different letters L and letters K, if you already understand what Lol means Kol It has another meaning, it is for people who have great influence in society such as singers, actors, football players, sports ….

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