What does Mlem mlem mean on facebook

Mlem mlem has become a hot trend in 2021 of young people, they are widely used on social networks such as facebook, instagram,… What is mlem mlem?? For more useful information about this term, please follow the detailed content in the article below.

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What is Mlem mlem?

What does Mlem mlem mean on facebook?

Mlem mlem was originally just a word used to denote the sound made by some animals, usually dogs and cats, when they licked food or water with their tongues. Later, young people used to refer to someone’s cute, lovely actions. Sometimes when you want to appear cute, you will also use this term.

The word “mlem mlem” is also quite similar to the word ble ble to refer to the act of sticking out one’s tongue to tease someone or similar to “lazy”. In general, mlem mlem is used to refer to a cute action, expressing your feelings.

Besides, when you see an attractive dish and want to enjoy it, the phrase “mlem mlem” is also used. At this time, “mlem mlem” means enjoying the food and just wanting to eat it immediately.

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The origin of the word mlem mlem

Mlem mlem appeared very early in 2015 when an extremely adorable video from a cat constantly licking water was posted on Imgur and Reddit. Too interested in this lovely action, especially the mlem mlem sound, netizens have used it as a trend.


The origin of the word mlem mlem

Although appearing for a long time, in 2021 they will become a trend. Different from the original meaning of describing cuteness, many people have used it with the meaning of metamorphosis, indicating something that people want to lick with the meaning of covetousness such as a dish, or a hot girl. …

On the current facebook social network “mlem mlem” also appear many other variations such as mIchi or mdem (meaning want to lick you). They have vulgar meanings that make listeners feel extremely angry. This somewhat makes a phrase indicating cuteness, flirting disappear….Now when it comes to the word mlem mlem, many people no longer feel uncomfortable as before.

Besides “mlem mlem” there are many phrases used to describe the lovely actions of dogs and cats like “Angry mlem”. This is a slang phrase used to refer to the act of sticking your tongue out for no reason at all.

Some list of the hottest mlem groups on facebook today


Some mlem mlem groups on facebook

Mlem mlem is still quite new on social networks, little known. So to learn more about this hot trend, you can join mlem mlem groups on facebook to interact, learn as well as find the best environment to use mlem mlem trend for you. Here are some “mlem mlem” groups:

Mlem Mlem group 1:


Mlem Mlem group 2:


Mlem Mlem group 3:


Group No Mlem, Delete Group! (Mlem Tribe)


Mlem group Mlem 5 (Mlem group about food) Meow group ❤️ mlem mlem (Mlem Mlem group with the original meaning, showing the cuteness of cats):



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And there are many other mlem mlem groups.

Hopefully, the information shared in the article below will help you understand more about the term “mlem mlem“. Words as a basis and use them in accordance with the context and its meaning. To find out more useful information, please visit the website right away webgiaidap.com Please!

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