What does time capsule mean?

Time capsules, aka time boxes, are more than just a remembrance from the past. They are also information sent to future generations who may appear hundreds of years after us…


Representative of the MIT Institute buried the time capsule (1957).

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MIT’s Time Capsule

The instructions attached to the time capsule from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) states that it should only be opened after the year 2957! The Time Capsule is buried on the MIT campus. It is designed to last for millennia.

The MIT Time Capsule is a glass tube, buried deep in the ground in 1957. Inside the tube are notes and a list of professors who taught at MIT at the time, along with a few small items and a frozen tube (cryotron). This frozen tube is the invention of MIT engineers to compete with expensive transistors.

“We can’t even predict what will happen in 1,000 years and whether you consider what we achieved as part of your science.

We are sure that you will have more knowledge about the universe that we have tried to understand. We wish you every success in your quest for new knowledge,” wrote scientists James R. Killian Jr and Harold Edgerton in a letter to the future, which was placed in the MIT time capsule.

This time capsule was found by accident in late 2015, during the construction of a new building on the MIT campus. After proper preservation, the capsule is again buried in the ground, so that after a few hundred years future generations can find it.

Catacombs of Civilization


Graveyard of civilization.

In 1936, Dr. Thornwell Jacobs at Georgia State University (USA) came up with the idea to build a room containing modern objects, which was sealed for several thousand years.

He convinced the Georgia State University board to accept his idea. Over the next several months, Thornwell Jacobs collected mementos for people in the future.

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The room has a volume of 57 m3, named “Crypt of Civilization”. It was built under the memorial building for Phoebe Hearst – famous feminist activist.

In 1940, preparations to close the Crypt of Civilization were completed. The most perishable artifacts were sealed in glass or stainless steel containers.

After closing the door to the crypt, the air in the crypt is sucked out. Fifty years after this “campaign”, Dr Thornwell Jacobs’ initiative is inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records as the “first successful experiment to preserve the present culture for future generations and future generations”. space creatures visit Earth”.

What’s in the Crypt of Civilization? Among the artifacts are other documents, a woman’s handbag from the mid-1930s, several plastic toys with images of Donald Duck and the Lonely Engineer, a cash register In the store, a copy of a newspaper covering the outbreak of World War II, 800 works of world literature in microfilm (with microfilm reader), copies of the screenplay for “Gone with the Wind”, the transcripts of speeches by leaders of several countries and institutions at the moment.

From 10 USD to 1 trillion USD

At the Dona Harrington Discovery Center in Texas (USA) there are up to 4 time capsules. The boxes placed here in 1968 were opened after a quarter century, half a century, a century and after 10 centuries, respectively.

In 1993, the first time capsule was opened. In 2018, during a major festival, the contents of the second time capsule were revealed.

What was found in this capsule? These are documents, postage stamps, toy cars and some other small items. These objects are on constant display at the Discovery Center.

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The most interesting thing is that the contents of the time capsule was opened in the year 2968. One of the things carefully packed in this capsule is a passbook with a deposit of 10 USD and an interest rate of 4%/ five.

According to calculations, after 1,000 years, the person who finds this passbook can withdraw from the bank an amount of over 1 trillion USD!

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