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mood /mu:d/ noun (linguistics) way, wayimperatives mood: command linesubjunctive mood: way of supplication (music) rhythm noun mood; temperament, disposition, temperamentto be in a merry mood: in a good mooda man of moods: someone with an irregular temper

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): mood, moodiness, moody, moodily


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Collocation Dictionary

mood noun

ADJ. amiable, cheerful, good, happy, jolly, jovial She was not in the best of moods. | exultant, jubilant | bullish, buoyant, confident, optimistic She was in a bullish mood about the future of the company. | bad, black, filthy, foul, rotten, terrible | pessimistic | gloomy, melancholy, sombre | contemplative, introspective, pensive, reflective, serious, sober, thoughtful | expansive, talkative | mellow, relaxed | restless | changeable, changing I can”t keep up with his constantly changing moods. | defiant The sacked workers were in defiant mood as they entered the tribunal. | generous | funny, strange He”s in a funny mood today?who knows how he”ll react? | playful | festive It was Christmas and everyone was in festive mood. | national, popular, public a prime minister who can gauge the popular mood

VERB + MOOD be in Don”t talk to Miranda today?she”s in a terrible mood! | get sb in, put sb in The music helped to put them in a more relaxed mood. | create, evoke | affect | match, reflect, suit Choose colors to match your mood. The weather seemed to reflect his sombre mood. | capture a film that has captured the mood of the moment | gauge

MOOD + VERB change | darken | improve, lift, lighten His mood lifted as he concentrated on his driving.

MOOD + NOUN swing After the accident he suffered violent mood swings.

PHRASES be in no mood for sth I tried to make him laugh, but he was in no mood for jokes. | a change of mood Instantly he felt her change of mood.

WordNet Dictionary


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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

moodssyn.: disposition feeling frame of mind humor nature phase temperament


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