What is a beta test?

Beta HCG is an important test to detect pregnancy very early, and to monitor the development of the fetus in the early weeks. Not only that, but beta HCG also helps in detecting many other conditions. Find out through the article below.

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1. What is the beta HCG test?


Beta HCG test is valuable in early detection of pregnancy and assessment of fetal development.

HCG stands for Human chorionic gonadotropin – a hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy. HCG test is a test to check the level of this hormone in the blood or urine to help detect pregnancy or not, the early development of the fetus. In addition, beta HCG is also used as a fertility support drug, helping the follicles mature and triggering ovulation, to increase the possibility of pregnancy for infertile women.

2. What is the purpose of the HCG beta test?

– Diagnosis of pregnancy very early, even if there are no signs of a missed period in pregnant women

– Determination of single pregnancy or multiple pregnancy: The result of beta HCG index is very high for gestational age, it can predict multiple pregnancy. However, to have an accurate conclusion, the doctor needs to conclude with an ultrasound.

– Predict the relative age of the fetus.

– Early detection of ectopic pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy

– Detecting stillbirth, fetus stops developing. However, doctors also need to combine with fetal ultrasound to get accurate conclusions

Detect pathologies such as germ cell tumors

– Check after miscarriage or after treatment ectopic pregnancy to see if the level of HCG has returned to a safe level

For men, HCG levels also help detect testicular cancer.

Thus, it can be seen that the beta HCG test has many applications, but the most common is to detect pregnancy and assess fetal development.

3. hCG levels in pregnancy


HCG levels that are too high may be related to an ovulatory status.

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Your doctor may order a beta hCG test if the pregnancy test is positive. Pregnant women can take a beta HCG test after 2-3 days to monitor the change of this hormone, to assess how the pregnancy is developing.

Normally, beta HCG doubles every 48-72 hours in normally developing fetuses. HCG levels that are too low may indicate a problem with the fetus, such as an ectopic pregnancy, or a sign of a miscarriage. An increase in HCG too quickly can indicate a multiple pregnancy, but it can also indicate a tumor in the uterus, ovaries, or an egg pregnancy.

Normally, beta HCG increases steadily during the first trimester, peaks, then declines during the second trimester and third trimester.

Below is a general range of hCG levels in pregnancy, calculated from the last menstrual period.


For the most accurate results, you should not test too early or too late.

If conception is successful, beta HCG levels will gradually increase and women can take this test as early as 7-10 days after sex. To be sure, you should do it after your period is late. In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women can conduct many tests to assess the development of the fetus, so that abnormalities can be detected and treated promptly.

5. Is the HCG beta test completely accurate?

The HCG beta test is quite accurate, up to 97%. However, in some cases the results can be false negative or false positive:

– False negative: If the test is too early when the beta HCG concentration is low, it will lead to a false negative

False positives: Other conditions that can cause HCG to rise without pregnancy include tumors in the ovaries, uterus, etc.

6. Is HCG beta test result too high or too low?

High initial HCG beta test results can conclude that you are pregnant. You can do it a second time, if the beta HCG doubles after 2-3 days, you can confirm it for sure. If the beta HCG test results are high, it can be a preliminary confirmation that you are pregnant. You can do a second test to be sure of this. However, when the second test, this index is abnormally high or low, it is a remarkable thing and you need to be examined and consulted by an obstetrician.

Elevated beta HCG: may indicate multiple pregnancy or ovulatory pregnancy

– HCG beta decreased through tests: Signs of stillbirth, fetal growth arrest

7. What should be noted when doing beta HCG test?

Do not test too early or too late.

– In order to have an accurate conclusion, besides the beta HCG index, it is necessary to do more ultrasound to accurately diagnose the pregnancy status.

Tests should be done in the morning, especially urine samples.

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