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What is the definition of Board Game?

Boardgame is a type of board game, in which 2 or more people interact directly with each other through a chess board. Board games often used to play are items such as cards, chess pieces, chess board, dice, card cards, dice…. To support each game.

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Each Boardgame game has different rules of play, from simple to complex, but all have the same ultimate goal of defeating the opponent or accumulating points. To be able to win, players need to use their own judgment, reasoning, strategy or tactics. In addition, board games sometimes depend on the player’s luck.Board games often have different levels of difficulty, so the playing time will be flexible in each game. There are games that end very quickly, and there are games that take 1-2 hours to complete.Currently, Boardgame is produced and circulated in many places around the world. Boardgames are mostly popular in Europe. Although not widely popular in Vietnam, Boardgame has gradually become popular among young people. Some Boardgames have emerged as a trend among young Vietnamese such as: Uno, Werewolf, Exploding Cat, Chinese chess, Seahorse chess, billionaire chess…

What does board game mean?

Besides the concept of what is a board game, the content of this concept is also a question many people wonder about. So what is the board game? In fact, the concept of Board game is explained in many different ways.

Explain the Broad game in a curt way

You just need to be brief. “Board game is a game that does not use electricity or computer equipment at all.” This is useful when you know someone who doesn’t want to hear lengthy explanations and you don’t want to either. Just bring the board game out for them to try.

Explain Broadgame in a reminiscent way

Reminded of one of the familiar games they used to play, related to board games. “Board game is a game of CAT, like chess, chess, seahorse, billionaire chess, animal chess, etc. It’s just that it has different rules and is more fun.” Those who are explained will not grasp the exact definition but will get a feel. This works especially well if the person you’re explaining has played these traditional games, they quickly figure out what a board game is.

Explaining Broadgame in a beneficial way

Especially when you are explaining to adults, and trying to convince them to have a positive view of the board game, the following definition can be used: “Board game is an intellectual game that helps people practice their abilities. communication, negotiation, tactical thinking, planning, emotional regulation,…” Even though they haven’t figured out how it plays, it sounds appealing.

According to academic theory

This way is quite detailed and suitable to answer for those who are so-called smart, quick to understand. There are many terms, very academic definitions of board games such as: “Board game is a type of game that interacts directly between two or more people, through physical components such as dice, chessboard, etc. chess pieces, cards… blah blah”. Such a definition of a board game will sound very “luxurious” and attractive, professional.

Why do people like board games?

Before being hunted by young Vietnamese, Boardgame seemed to be an indispensable game when gathering young Europeans. Most popular in countries like: UK, USA, Australia….

The reason why Boardgames can appeal to everyone is because:

Boardgames are very diverse in genres

If traditional games usually only have one version or one rule. Then Boardgame has hundreds of genres with many different levels. Each genre has more variations to “challenge” the unlimited intelligence and thinking of people.

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Boardgame is a game with no age limit

As a tactical game, applying intelligence, Boardgame not only attracts young people but also attracts older people to play. In fact, Boardgame is a game suitable for all audiences, regardless of age or profession.You can play boardgames with friends at parties, after school, recess or with family on weekends. With light games, games with simple rules such as Uno, Werewolf, Exploding Cat….Playing board games regularly will help you practice logical thinking, judgment, and tactical analysis. Boardgame is really useful for developing children’s thinking.

Boardgame to play while learning

The question of what is a board game is often asked by parents because many parents worry that their children will be distracted when playing board games. But in fact, Boardgame not only helps players relieve stress after hours of studying and working, but also helps players increase their ability to observe and reason logically. Support brain development and apply Boardgame in real learning and working. Boardgame is a genre that integrates entertainment and general learning needs. Therefore, playing board games is also a very effective learning method.In developed countries, board games are also included in schools and considered as an extracurricular activity.

Boardgame can be played anytime, anywhere

Unlike some traditional games with fixed installations, Boardgames are mostly card games, chess pieces… designed to be very compact. You can play Boardgame anytime, anywhere with family and friends. Playing Boardgame can help you create a cozy, fun space with family and friends anywhere.

Boardgames help you build relationships

The need to connect, exchange and share is an indispensable human need. Playing Boardgames can effectively meet these needs, specifically as follows:

Board games make making friends easy: due to the interactive nature of most board games, players will naturally communicate with each other even though they don’t even know each other. In addition, playing games can help us understand more things from the people who play with us.Board games are a hobby that friends and family can enjoy together: spending time together is essential in any relationship. But if you’re just together and don’t have anything to do, it’s not good and board games will help you solve that problem. Furthermore, playing games together can help strengthen a relationship.Team-based board games help satisfy the need to belong to a team, giving players the feeling that they’re part of something bigger. achieve a common goal.

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Where can I play Board Games?

In addition to directly buying Boardgames to play, you can also come and play Boardgames with other Boardgame believers at some places such as Boardgame Cafés. You can easily search for Boardgame Cafés around your area and come to exchange and learn. There are many different Boardgame followers here. You will be challenged with Boardgames that you may have never heard of once in your life. Wouldn’t it be interesting to discover new things on the weekend?

Some good Board game titles you should refer to

With the popularity and effect of the above Boardgame, it can be affirmed that Boardgame will really be an ideal choice for young people today.

Boardgame has a variety of genres for you to choose from: Construction, war, adventure, puzzle, calculation, reflection… Here are some famous Board games that you can refer to:

The Settlers of CatanHalli GalliSplendorDominionWerewolf – 3 main versionsThree Kingdoms Slayer – there are 2 main versions: Dynasty War and Civil WarCashflowAvalonUnoDixit


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