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Learn the definition and function of a web browserName the best web browsers todayRevealing 4 benefits of using a hidden web browserCommon myths about incognito browsing

Learn the definition and function of a web browser

What is www? What is a web browser used for, besides the normal functions, is there any other function we do not know? Today’s article of webgiaidap.com Co,. LTD will provide you with information about web browsers as well as recommend the most reliable browsers today!


Myth 1: Private browsing makes you anonymous on the internet.

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Reality: Private browsing doesn’t mask your identity or online activity. The website can still collect information about your visit, even if you are not logged in, and so can your internet service provider. If you use your device at work, your company can track the websites you visit. Or, if you surf the web at home, your internet service provider or its partners may have access to your browsing information.

Myth 2: Private Browsing will remove all traces of all your browsing activities from your computer.

Reality: Private Browsing works by clearing cookies, browsing history and passwords that are stored while you are browsing when you close your Private Window. If you download a file from a website, it will remain on your computer, although it will not appear in the download manager in Firefox. Also, if you bookmark a web page while in a private window, it will remain in your bookmarks list.

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Myth 3: Private Browsing doesn’t show any browsing history.

Reality: Private Browsing, by default, shows visited websites and bookmarks as you type in the address bar. These are the URLs that are saved to Firefox during normal browsing. If you don’t want to see these recommendations, you can uncheck them in the Firefox control panel Privacy & Security Options.

Myth 4: Private browsing will protect you from keystroke loggers and spyware.

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Fact: Private browsing does not protect you from malware installed on your computer. If you suspect you have malware, take steps to remove it and prevent it from happening again.

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