What is a bt contract?

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What is the BT project, the content of the BT project is the concern of many people. In fact, the BT project is being used extremely popularly and learned by many people. Surfing around Google, you can find thousands of basic information about the BT project. However, finding a site that provides the most complete and accurate information about the BT project is not easy.

If you have the opportunity to participate or are looking forward to implementing a BT project in the future, please find out immediately the information that Shun Deng share below.

Our article will provide full documentation on the concept of BT projects, how BT projects are used in large and small construction projects, the main contents of BT projects, etc. I find out today!


What is BT?

What is BT?

BT is a construction-transfer contract. BT is an investment form signed between a competent State agency and an investor to build infrastructure works (mainly traffic works).

After the construction is completed, the Government will create conditions for investors to implement other projects in order to recover the investment capital as agreed in the BT contract within a certain period of time. At the end of this time, the investor transfers the project to the State of Vietnam for management and use.

BT is one of the leading investment projects widely used and popular in infrastructure construction. BT projects are simply understood as projects that are licensed to build to be transferred back to the State, or also known as land for government infrastructure.

No one can deny the important and great role of BT projects in the development of the world’s infrastructure system in general and Vietnam in particular.

The current BT projects are decisive for the development of the transport system, environmental conditions, … of our country.

Not only that, BT also helps to improve living standards, boost the economy as well as form large cities, reduce the burden on the state budget and ensure mutual benefits for all parties involved.


The current BT projects are decisive for the development of the transport system, environmental conditions, … of our country.

What is BT Project?

BT project is a type of investment contract widely used and most often encountered in practice. Build-transfer contract, also known as BT contract for short, is an investment form signed by competent state agencies and investors to build works.

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After the construction is completed, the infrastructure works will be transferred to the State of Vietnam. At the same time, the Government of Vietnam will create conditions for investors to carry out other projects in order to recover investment capital and profits.

In addition, the Government can also make direct payments to investors according to the terms of the BT contract.

“BT contract (which stands for Build – Transfer contract) is a contract signed between a competent state agency and an investor or project enterprise (if any) for the construction of infrastructure works. floor; After completing the work, the investor transfers the work to a competent state agency and is paid with the land fund, working office, infrastructural property or the right to do business and exploit the public. processes and services to perform other projects.”


BT contract is an investment form signed by competent state agencies and investors to build works.

Contents of the project contract BT

Purpose of signing the BT . project contract

Infrastructure construction and transfer contract (also known as BT project contract) must include all rights and obligations of related parties (State, Government and construction enterprises), in order to achieve the benefits previously negotiated by both sides.

If you are an investor who wants to participate in BT projects for the purpose of making profits and developing a business, you should pay attention to carefully calculate the relevant factors to optimize the time as well as the cost. construction fees.

The State and the Government signed BT contracts for the purpose of infrastructure development, socio-economic development. Because it is a non-profit goal with a view to the common good, the State will appreciate enthusiastic investors, good products and full warranties.

The content of the BT project contract will include the rights and obligations of the parties to achieve the benefits that we have shared above. However, due to the difference of each investor, these benefits are different, leading to different terms in the contract.

Since investors undertake a BT project with the aim of making a profit, they will require economic terms such as the right to make another profitable investment project.

As for the State signing contracts with the goal of developing infrastructure for socio-economic development (a non-profit, public-benefit goal, for the common development of the whole society), they require terms of quality, warranty. Therefore, in the process of negotiating a BT contract, both parties need to reconcile both the interests of the State and the investor.

Contents of the BT project contract

Each BT project contract also has many differences, but in general, they all have the following main contents:

Names, addresses and authorized representatives of the parties to the BT project contract; Objectives and scope of activities of the BT project; method and progress of payment of work construction investment capital (for BT projects); Capital sources, total investment capital, progress of BT project implementation; Capacity, technology and equipment, requirements Design and technical standards of BT project works, BT project quality standards; Regulations on supervision and quality control of BT project works; Regulations on protection of natural resources and environment in BT project implementation process; Conditions for land use, infrastructure works, and ancillary works necessary for the construction and operation of BT projects; BT project construction progress, deadlines operation of the project enterprise and the time of handing over the BT project; Rights and obligations of the parties and commitments to guarantee, sharing risks that may be encountered; Regulations on prices, fees and other obligations. revenues (including methods of determining prices and fees, conditions for adjusting prices and fees) of BT projects. Regulations on consulting, design assessment, construction equipment, acceptance and operation , maintenance of BT project works; Article technical conditions, operation status, quality of works upon transfer, principles for determining the value of works and the order of transferring works of BT projects; Responsibilities of investors in technology transfer, training in management and technical skills to operate the works after transferring the BT project to the State; Conditions and procedures for adjusting the BT project contract; Cases in which the BT project contract is terminated before time limit; Dispute settlement method between contracting parties of BT project; Handling of violations of BT project contract; Force majeure and handling principles; Regulations on support and commitments of State agencies when investors implement BT projects; Validity of BT project contracts.

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In addition, the project contract may stipulate a number of other issues such as the relationship between the investors and the project enterprise, the application of foreign laws, the relationship between the investors and the project enterprise. judgment…

Above is the information about what is BT, what is BT project, what is the contract content of BT project to help you better understand the form of construction project. Hope the content we provide will make you satisfied.

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