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Expertise and professionalism are essential elements when you start doing any job. Therefore, professionalism is highly appreciated in the recruitment process, as well as helping you get a solid step, as well as a high opportunity for advancement in the career you have chosen. Find out with iJobsWhat is profession?As well as the basic occupations of some professions in the content below!

What is professional learning?

Professionalism is understood as certain skills and qualifications that a candidate/personnel in a certain position should have in order to successfully complete the assigned work tasks.

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People with good skills often perform work with higher productivity and quality, more efficiently than people with low skills. Therefore, in some cases or industries, profession is also a measure of each employee’s ability when performing work; serve as a basis for reviewing and approving rewards, salary increases or promotions.

When applying for a job, people with good skills will be appreciated more, so the probability of getting a job is also higher than people with low skills or no profession.


Why do employees need professional skills?

Along with papers and documents proving your capacity and professional qualifications recognized by educational units or reputable organizations. Professional expertise plays a very important role in your professional environment. Good professional skills allow you to:

+ Complete the assigned work and tasks in the best way.

+ Improve the ability and professional level of each individual. Improve and understand their own capacity, in accordance with the actual needs and desired conditions of many employees.

Professional expertise helps you to be more successful and easier in your career path.


Professional standards for a number of popular occupations today

1. Banking industry

– Receiving deposits from customers: collecting and keeping deposits from customers in the form of demand deposits, term deposits or savings…

– Credit operations: performing transactions according to purposes, according to investment by participating in investment, buying and selling securities on the market and making profits from it.

– Foreign business operations.

– Money transfer service.

– Household trading.

– Entrustment business.


2. Accounting profession

– Collect money from sold products – provide cash collection services – declare taxes to be paid.

– Make payment receipts and orders during the day when there are transactions with customers.

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– Keep important records.

– Make necessary books – record and document important documents.

In addition, it is necessary to be proficient in computer skills, use specialized software, be good at calculations, have a good memory and work under pressure.

3. Receptionist

– Standards of welcoming guests.

– Perform check-in and check-out procedures.

– Hand over the room key, lead the guest to the room.

– Currency exchange for customers.

– Update room information, declare temporary residence.

– Consulting and selling services.

– Respond to customer inquiries and complaints.

– Implement payment procedures.

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Above is some information, definition of What is profession? the same number of occupations for popular occupations in modern society. Depending on the nature of the job, it requires different professional skills. As an employee, you need to constantly learn, create and practice to get the most professional and suitable working conditions for today’s working conditions.

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