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A very simple question, but not everyone knows fully: what is a camera? At the present time, when it comes to cameras, most of us will immediately think of the camera built into the phone because information on the internet is so popular. But actually the concept is more diverse than that.

Camera is a common name for still or dynamic recording devices. Recording still images can refer to cameras, and moving can refer to camcorders. In the digital age, these two types of cameras that record still and move images have been combined into one, as in a phone camera that can both record and take pictures, specialized cameras can also record movies (and even today). The movie recording function on DSLR cameras is even more widely used than on mainstream camcorders due to its lower cost and high portability.)


DSLR camera

As small as a webcam (web-camera), it is now possible to record and take pictures at the same time with the control software installed in the computer, the popular online camera that we have known for a long time in public internet shops. . Developing with the times, webcams have also been greatly improved in image quality and light sensitivity.

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Webcam Logitech C930e

More modern, in order to serve unique and panoramic views from above, drone-camera technology has been developed to a perfect level by the world. The most common is the type of remote control aircraft with integrated video camera, used for the purpose of mobile filming in spaces that are impossible or difficult for humans to directly manipulate (such as from above). , on dangerous cliffs, serving military missions, etc.).



With indoor spaces such as families or offices of businesses, the most commonly used type of camera is surveillance. In addition to recording mainly for security purposes, surveillance cameras are also used to monitor internal activities. In Western families, they often use indoor surveillance cameras so that they can monitor their children without affecting their daily activities, serving to train children’s independence when there are no parents. beside. In businesses, management levels can monitor and manage employees’ activities remotely without having to be on duty at the office.

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Surveillance camera

According to user needs, dash cams have also been popular. As well as monitoring but is fixed to the vehicle, so the way to record is to record the journey of the rider. This type of camera has the main effect of recording images and sounds as evidence if there is a dispute in the event of a collision.

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Camera journey

With the way cameras record in the digital age known for their image being saved to an electronic sensor through an optical lens, sophisticated electronic processing, and high sensitivity bright (ISO) flexibility. Film cameras are different, when electronic sensors have not been developed, the “sensor” of film cameras is the film we often see sold in street shops, the light sensitivity is not as flexible as the camera. digital image that is fixed on each roll of film. This is one of the important foundations for the development of electronic sensors and later cameras.

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