What is a certificate of land use right?

Pink book is the name of the “Certificate of ownership of houses and residential land use rights” in urban areas, cities, towns and townships. However, many readers still do not understand this type of book. Let’s ABC Land Learn more about this pink book.

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According to the provisions of the Law, owning assets of high value and belonging to the group of real estate (houses, land)..Must have legal papers certifying the right to use. When buying a house, or a plot of land, it is important that you have the owner’s name on a legal document such as a red book or pink book. When transferring the owner to the land, the house must also be based on the red book or pink book in accordance with regulations.

So, what are the similarities and differences between the red book and the pink book? Same legal ownership of land and houses but have different names? What are the legal rights of the red book and the pink book?


What is a pink book What is a red book?

Learn about pink book in real estate

What is a pink book?

Pink book is the name of “Certificate of house ownership and residential land use right”. Belongs to an urban area, city, town or township. When buying houses, including residential land or apartment buildings in urban areas. The certificate holder is often referred to as the pink book for short.

What is English pink book?

Pink book translated into English means House ownership certificate. Is the type of book that real estate buyers and sellers are interested in and need to have.

The pink book bears all the legal authentication information of the owner, including the following contents:

Residential land use right: Number of plots, number of map sheets, area, type of land, duration of use, etc.

Housing ownership: Area of ​​the house, construction structure, etc.

The owner is granted ownership rights on the pink book issued by the People’s Committee of the district or town in the area of ​​that land or house.

What is a common pink book?

The common pink book is a fairly common name today in the real estate world. This is also known as the common co-ownership pink book when buying shared projects. Pink books are understood as certificates of land use rights and properties attached to land. This book is issued by competent authorities from the district level or higher to the owner of that real estate product.

The general pink book is recognized by the state when there are 2 or more owners. The owners are usually not related by blood. As a co-owner, when buying and selling transactions take place, there must be consent of the owners. This case we can see a lot in townhouse projects that share the same windows..

What is the completed pink book?

The House Completion Pink Book is the book that confirms the administrative procedures that the homeowner and the contractor have completed the construction work. After being accepted by both parties, it is put into use.

Learn about red book in real estate

What is Red Book?

The same refers to the ownership of land and houses, but the red book or “land use right certificate” is issued to areas in non-urban areas or rural areas.

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According to regulations, the red book includes the rights to use land types including: land used for agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, salt making, gardening, and housing construction.

The agency that issues red books to households is the People’s Committee of the district, town or centrally run city.

What is the English Red Book?

The English Red Book is the Land Use Rights Certificate. Is one of the words that many real estate people are learning English.

The difference between pink book and red book

In terms of owners

The red book is issued to individual owners, while the red book is issued to households, whose name is the head of the household.

In terms of the rights of the person whose name is on the book

+ Pink book is granted to individuals only, so the transfer and transaction activities are decided by the individual.

+ Red books are issued to households in rural areas, if the individual head of the household wants to change ownership, transfer the right to use… Or related civil activities, it is necessary to have the consent and signature of the owner. members in family. The person must be 18 years or older and legally named in the household registration book.

In terms of content showing ownership

+ Pink book: a certificate issued by the Ministry of Construction, clearly specifying how to own a house, and the form of land use in a private residence or an apartment building.

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+ Red book: a certification form licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, issued, clearly stating the information of the type of land (field land, gardens, forests, …) if it is residential land, it will be clearly stated that the name is attached property on land.

In this article, we have analyzed and clarified the concept of pink book. What is Red Soil? As well as distinguishing clearly shows you which red book and pink book are more important. Hope you will have the most useful information about real estate. And don’t forget to visit ABC Land every day to capture the knowledge. The latest real estate projects for investment offline.

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