What is a copper chicken cat?

Many people wonder what does the idiom “cat and chicken” mean? Today’s article webgiaidap.com will answer thisRelated idioms:

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What does the idiom “cat and chicken” mean?

What does the chicken coop cat mean?

Grave cats: means homeless cats that often roam for food and live in cemeteries

Field chickens: Chickens that do not live in groups but live independently, often found in open forests or hills

The meaning of idioms “cats and chickens”

The meaning of the idiom “cats and chickens” means to refer to people with a loose lifestyle who have no morals about themselves or their families, the idiom also refers to husbands (wife). have the habit of flirting or going in love with other people who do not take care of their spouse at home. When we have a predestined relationship, we have to live and love each other, being in harmony with the husband and wife, not going somewhere flowery, but must know how to maintain family relationships, otherwise, we will probably be close to home far from the alley.

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Translating idioms into foreign languages:

English: Wild chickens cat streetChinese: 野生鸡猫街Korean: 야생 닭 고양이 거리Japanese: 野生の鶏の猫ストリート

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