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Many people wonder about the 2 titles TMr. Director and Director, to distinguish more clearly, let’s find out with webgiaidap.com with the article below.

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In the leadership of a company or corporation, there is always the presence of a Director, and a General Director will be established depending on the size and decision of that enterprise. In a nutshell, the General Director will be ‘bigger’ than the Director, specifically there will be certain differences. But if the company is small (without branches or subsidiaries), the General Director and the Director will be one, that is just the name given by the Board of Directors, in fact the functions and duties are the same. You will find the following information:

TABLE OF CONTENTS1. Similarities between General Director and Director2. The difference is based on the following criteria: 2.1. Concept 2.2. Responsibilities 3. Recruitment information for General Director and Director at webgiaidap.com- Headhunter

1. General Director (GM) and Director

The General Director and the Director are both the people who run the company’s day-to-day business, and at the same time are under the supervision of the Board of Directors, and are responsible to the Board of Directors and the law for their rights and duties.

The term of the General Director and the Director shall not exceed 5 years, however, they can be reappointed and the number of terms is unlimited. GM and Director of a company cannot concurrently act as General Director and Director of another company.

2. Difference between General Director and Director

What is a General Manager?

general manager General manager (GM) is a person who plays a general role in managing a company’s revenue and expenses, overseeing most functions of a company from marketing to sales to day-to-day operations. of the enterprise. In addition, the General Director is also responsible for planning, coordinating, delegating, coordinating the human resources team, making decisions to achieve the best profit results.

In many cases, GM will have different titles depending on the size and decision of the Board of Directors, most corporate managers will hold between the titles of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or chairman. A large company with many vice presidents or directors will have the title of general director.


What is a director?

The director of the company is the person responsible for running the business of the company, elected by the Board of Directors, and at the same time responsible before the law for the rights and obligations assigned to him. Decide on issues directly related to the company. Daily business of the company, implementation of decisions of the Board of Directors, organization planning business development strategy of the unit.

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=> A director is a person who manages the strategic goals of the company, creates operational policy and monitors finances. The General Director also manages the budget and expenditure, but they tend to participate in the daily activities of the company more. Although they have the same function as the Director, the biggest difference is that the Director only has the right to manage the operation of the subsidiary (if the enterprise has many subsidiaries, branches) and GM has the right to operate all the subsidiaries.

Responsibilities of the General Director and the Director

general manager

They are the ones who develop the culture and environment of the workplace, GM manages the daily operations of the business, delegating work between teams to maintain work progress, improve productivity, and revenue. In addition, the General Director is also responsible for observing, using data to analyze business activities, and allocating revenue, resources, and projects. Like the general manager, the General Director creates strategies that increase the efficiency and profitability of a company, they work with several departments to keep the business running.


Director of the company

The director develops new activities and processes, especially those related to accounting and spending. They can redesign the company’s projects, proposals, and infrastructure to optimize work processes, deliver higher results and more profitable. The director will be responsible for meeting the president to update and talk about projects and business plans. Prepare annual budget estimates in line with the unit’s cost goals and revenue generating capabilities. In addition, it is also necessary to ensure the company’s policies are in accordance with the regulations of the state, coordinate work for subordinates, hire external consultants for projects.

=> The key difference is that the General Manager is responsible for all aspects of the business including administrative and financial functions. Meanwhile, the Director is only responsible for production and business activities. From there, it can be seen that the General Director has a larger role responsibility, handling a broader range of tasks.

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