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How much is 1 foot is a question many people wonder. To help you convert one length unit to another, the article will share how to convert feet to other length units.

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1. What is Feet? Learn about Feet2. 1 foot equals how many mm, cm, m? How is it regulated? 3. How to convert feet to other measurement units

1. What is Feet? Learn about the unit of measurement Feet

Before learning how to convert 1 foot, let’s understand what is a foot? Feet or Foot, denoted by ft, sometimes with a comma at the top. Feet is a unit of length measurement, but rarely used in Vietnam.

If you often use English documents, it is quite common to encounter units in feet. Therefore, you need to learn how to convert 1 foot to how many mm, cm, km …


Feet, also known as Foot, denoted by ft, is a unit of length commonly used in the UK and USA.

The foot has been used as a unit of measurement throughout most of recorded history – including Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire – and the commonly accepted origin of the name foot is related to foot size. average of an adult man. Originally divided into sixteen component units, the Romans also divided the foot into twelve uncia – the origin of the modern English term inch.

Feet have continued to be used throughout Europe for nearly two thousand years, although there are often many national and regional variations.

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Depending on location (and time), the term feet is used differently across regions and countries. The length of 1 foot ranges from 250 mm to 335 mm, and 1 foot does not always equal 12 inches.

This unit is also commonly used in English-speaking countries around the world. The use of the foot declined as most countries adopted the metric system, starting with France in the late 18th century.

International Feet: In 1958, the United States and the countries of the British Commonwealth agreed that the length of the international yard is 0.9144 m. So the international foot is 1/3 of a yard equal to 0.3048 m.

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2. 1 foot equals how many mm, cm, m? Regulated how?

According to international regulations, one foot (feet) will be converted to mm, cm, mm, inch, km as follows:

1 foot (foot) = 0.3048 m1 foot (foot) = 30.48 cm1 foot (foot) = 304.8 mm1 foot (foot) = 0.0003048000 km1 foot (foot) = 12 inches

3. How to convert feet to other measurement units

To help you convert feet to other measurement units simply and effectively, the article would like to share how to convert feet to m, cm , mm simply and accurately.

Using Google’s online tool


You can use Google’s online tool to convert feet to other units of length

You just need to go to Google and type in the search box with the syntax “1 foot (feet) centimeter (cm, m, mm)” or “1 ft to cm, m, mm”. Google will quickly return the correct results for you.

Use the conversion tool using ConvertWorld

ConvertWord is a well-known website that helps users convert online measurement units.

– First you visit the ConvertWord conversion page

After accessing, you choose the item Size, length

– Select the unit you want to convert the option bar. You choose Foot (ft) to convert foot (feet) cm, m, mm.

The conversion of 1 foot to how many meters, centimeters, and mm is very important and helps people who often have to calculate and measure information to be able to grasp the standard number. Besides, if you have to work with many different units such as meters, inches, knowing how to convert meters to centimeters, dm, mm is also very important. For one thing, it’s easier to convert meters to dm, cm, and mm than to convert between different measurement systems.

Above is the sharing information about how much 1 foot is and how to convert feet to other units of measurement. The article hopes to have brought useful information to readers.

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