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Since the introduction of SSD hard drive and the introduction of SSD in 2006, SSD is becoming a laptop component that many people look for and want to install in their laptop or computer. But we already have an HDD containing data, now we want to add an SSD, what should we do? This question has many readers calling Hien Laptop for advice and instructions on how to add an SSD drive to the laptop, still keeping the old HDD to keep data. Here we learn about technology and how to add an SSD to a laptop, we use 2 drives at the same time. Is that the flying Caddy device? Let’s start learning:


Flying Caddy for Laptop


1 What is Caddy Bay?
What is Caddy Bay?

Caddy Bay is a tool to add a second hard drive, usually an SSD, to a laptop that is using a DVD drive or CD drive. The Caddy Bay is mounted in place of the DVD drive (usually very rarely used, almost never using the DVD drive). At this point we only use the bay caddy and don’t use the DVD or CD drive anymore. So when we want to use the drive or read the disc, we have to have another option: Attach a removable DVD drive or can borrow another computer we copy via USB and copy our laptop. Perhaps full is the small disadvantage of attaching another hard drive via the flying Caddy device.

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Flying caddy for laptops – thick type

How many types of Caddy Bay?

Caddy Bay Laptop usually has 2 types: 12.5 mm thick (conventional laptops) and 9.5 mm thin (ultra-thin laptops, ultra book…) thin design so we have to use thin caddy to attach.

How many communication standards does Caddy Bay have?

The question is how many communication ports does the flying caddy have. Just like our hard drive, there are usually 2 communication standards, Sata and ATA. But now, the standard Sata Caddy Bay you can easily find and buy. With ATA standard Caddy Bay, there is almost no stock or very few places for sale. If we want to buy, we have to order and wait, not available like Sata gate.

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Caddy flying laptop with the main communication port is Sata port

Should I attach an SSD or an HDD to the Caddy Bay?

You should attach an HDD to save data for Caddy Bay. As for the SSD, you should attach it to the location of the old HDD to optimize the transmission speed. So the position of the SSD is the location of the HDD and the HDD will be mounted at the flying caddy position.

Which laptop can use Caddy Bay?

All laptops that are using DVD drives can use Caddy Bay. You should find out what standard the DVD drive in your laptop is running and the thickness of the DVD drive (12.5 mm or 9.7 mm).

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Caddy Bay can be used for: Dell Laptop – HP Laptop – Lenovo Laptop – Asus Laptop – Acer Laptop – Toshiba Laptop – Sony Vaio Laptop – Fujitsu Laptop=> Note, only laptops with DVD drive will be installed. caddy can fly and it will replace our DVD drive. As for laptops that do not have a DVD drive, we cannot attach a flying caddy. And usually inside that laptop, there is a place to attach a second hard drive, an SSD, so we don’t need to install a bay caddy.

Price of Caddy Bay Laptop?

Currently, the price of Caddy Bay is from 250K to 350K depending on the place of sale, warranty period, door-to-door delivery service, installation support service, win installation when buying Caddy Bay…

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