What is a highway?

Expressway is a section of road for vehicles traveling at high speed. In our country today, there are many highways, depending on the type of road, the travel speed is different, some places have the lowest speed regulation 80km/h – the highest 100km/h, some places regulate 100km/h – 120km/h.

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Surely you will think “With such a fast travel speed, what vehicles are allowed to enter this part of the road other than 4-wheelers, trucks, and what other vehicles are not allowed to enter”? Please, the subjects who are allowed to enter the highway and are not allowed to enter include the following subjects:

1. Drivers and operators of special-use motorcycles:

These are the people and vehicles that are allowed to enter the highway while on duty. Like repair or maintenance. This subject must also comply with the following provisions:

a/ When entering an expressway, there must be a signal to apply for entry and must give way to vehicles running on the road. When it is safe for the vehicle to enter the line of traffic in the lane adjacent to the outer edge, if there is an acceleration lane, it must be keep the vehicle in that lane before entering the highway lane

b/ When exiting the expressway, the vehicle must gradually change to the right lane. If there is a speeding lane, the vehicle must be allowed to run in that lane before leaving the expressway.

c/ Do not allow vehicles to drive in the emergency stopping lanes and the roadside;

d/ Do not allow the vehicle to run above the maximum speed and below the minimum speed indicated on the signboard, painted on the road surface.

2. Pedestrians, rudimentary vehicles, mopeds, mopeds and tractors; Special-use motorbikes with a design speed of less than 70 km/h are not allowed to enter the expressway, except for people, vehicles and equipment serving the management and maintenance of the expressway.

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So what are the regulations for vehicles that are allowed to enter the highway? That is: only stopping and parking at the specified places; In case the vehicle is forced to stop or park at the wrong place, the driver must take the vehicle out of the roadway; if this is not possible, he must give a signal to other drivers.

The above are the regulations for vehicles when going on the highway, you should understand to follow the road according to the law and ensure your safety.

In 450 theory questions, there are 4 questions related to the safe distance between cars when traveling on the highway. That is sentences 69 to 72. For example:

Verse 69: On highways, unless merging and separating lanes, provided that the road surface is dry, motor vehicles are traveling at a speed of up to 60km/h, the driver must maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. How much is the minimum?

1 – 30 m

2 – 40 m

3 – 50 m

4 – 60 m

The answer to this question is answer 1.

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The trick to know the answers to these 4 questions is: just take the largest number in the question, subtract 30 to get the answer.


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