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After the death of his daughter, from a man who considered heaven as equal and fierce as Tam Lam, he suddenly became as gentle and compassionate as the Buddha. He went to the temple and didn’t know what the abbot said, but every night he sat cross-legged in front of the daughter tablet and chanted sutras. With no muzzle, no bells, eight we mumbled from Sieu Do, Dai Bi to Bat Nha… in the scriptures given to us by the temple, there was an article he read. People in the “eleven families” group asked if they dreamed of meeting the Buddha, but why did the Tam Lam scriptures work hard? The reason people ask is because drinking like an addiction to Eight I give up on one. No more coffee, coffee, cannon to fight lies. Real strange.

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Tam Lam sadly replied:

– My son is so innocent. But now you know? Those who die unjustly, their souls do not escape. They will be imprisoned by the ghost of Impermanence in Vong Hai Dai in the underworld so as not to disturb the world. When he was sixty years old, he was released and reincarnated. The abbot taught me that relatives should pray for the souls of the unjust. So I pray for my daughter to rest in peace.

Those who take alcohol as religion think that the Eight I am too fanatical. In this day and age, we still believe in Yin Ty and Vong Hai Dai. Others copy their mouths and say:

– His daughter was killed, so he suffered so much. Well, it’s also good to say the words of the shelf if you can rest your mind.

And at eleven o’clock that night, the “eleven families” were woken up by the noise of cars entering the alley and stopping at Tam Lam’s house. The alley is one meter wide and has a dead end. Eleven roofs are on each other’s walls, and Tam Lam is at the end, so the flies can’t even speak the sound of cars. Open the door and they find four people on two “trains” talking to Eight. I don’t know what happened, but after that, Eight was also in the city and went on the road with the other two cars. Mrs. Tam answered when a neighbor asked:

– Con Phung and his friend asked Mr. Tam to take me to Diem’s ​​grave to light incense.

– Mom, dad, ui… go to the cemetery in the middle of the night… can’t tomorrow?

– Phung said that he dreamed about Diem about this and that, so he was afraid to apologize urgently.

One person pouted his lips as long as a meter.

– Phung’s lips go to ask for that number, Mrs. Tam. He knows that Mr. Tam is not afraid of heaven or earth, so he invites him to go at this hour for the spirit, not dreaming and blaming. I am strange to this child.

At one o’clock in the morning, the city returned to a dead end alley. Eight’s house is as happy as Tet because eleven homeowners from eleven poor households are gathered. Eight is not surprised when the three pieces converge. Why? Because one person visiting the cemetery at midnight is enough for the whole world to look forward to returning:

– What’s wrong, Uncle Tam?

Even Mrs. Tam also listened to what she said about three pieces, Eight said:

– His mother… I went there, after five years and seven stages, knowing many things and places, but now I know what it is to be weird.

– Tell me, Uncle Tam. How weird is that?

Phung lit two candles on a cement pedestal – where any grave built of ceramic bricks or granite can be used by relatives to buy gifts for the deceased. The night in the cemetery was as quiet as a sheet. Not even the wind blew. The proof is the light of the two straight lamps without flickering. Phung put on the pedestal which cake and banana sticky rice cake. Then use chalk to draw on the altar a long rectangle, divide that rectangle into ten squares and type in order from 0 to 9.

The quiet of the graveyard at night is disturbed by the crows on the dry branches. Seeing the silhouettes, they quietly flew up and released into the air the cold sound of crows and crows. So cold that the size of Tam Lam still shivers. As the only man in the five lives Eight must have the guts. Just pretending, but actually Tam’s small things have disappeared. And – oh my god, the sound of praying for souls from Phung’s mouth resounded with horror. Three very voluptuous women gathered together. Mixed in the chanting is their somewhat heavy breathing. And Phung’s plea resounded:

– Diem… My sister and I were sick so we couldn’t visit… Now I come here to ask for your understanding… These days, I’m suffering, Diem… You are living a life of wisdom, please give me a number to get rid of suffering, Diem…

At this point, Phung stopped and sobbed. The three girls kept crying together. Cry out loud. Oh my god… the peaceful night in the graveyard’s gloom, the sound of hu-hu hu-hung-hung-hung resounding, Tam Lam wanted to run home immediately.

“Really, lie to her,” Eight swore.

– Too bad, Uncle Tam. I heard that I still want to see it in my pants. What then, uncle?

Then, Phung pulled out an egg from his pocket:

– If you give a number, the egg will stand on that number. I beg you, Diem.

Tam Lam raised his eyes to the fullest to see the event. The egg standing on the number box is a lie. Lam doesn’t believe it. Phung put the pointy head on the number 0 box and of course the egg fell, but it was impossible to stand. From 0 to 9 eggs fall exactly ten times. On the tenth time it rolled to the ground and was broken by hitting a pebble. Phung continued the prayer for the second time, prayed a second time and pulled out a second egg from his pocket. It is placed on the zero square. Fall. And oddly enough in box 1 the egg stood upright on its pointed end.

Tam Lam was stunned. Not believe. Unbelievable.

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And the egg was bulky again when Phung placed it in the next boxes. It goes back and the egg stands a second time on square 1. And falls again on the remaining squares. Phung continued:

– So is the number 11 right, Diem? But I’ll let you know the head or the tail. If the first number you give the egg is in box 0, if the tail number is in box 9 listen to you.

The egg is in box 9.

The next day, the day after, and the day after that, the whole batch of “eleven families” poured out their pockets and killed a cup of silver soul. Eight Lam also plays, but is afraid. If you don’t play it out, you’re going to vomit blood. And for all three days, the eleventh child disappeared and disappeared. On the fourth day, Tam Lam gave up the cup. Follow it and die. How much do you pay on a day off? Eight beat that much. According to the house for sale? And the wise must know how to stop the delusion in the right place.

That day, except for Tam Lam, the other ten households won the lottery. Big hit. That is, the gambling ghost Phung must come to life. Right? Eight regretted and watched Phung fulfill his promise. “If you don’t have a trick, Uncle Eight don’t worry.” What, this little girl down to her body is usually a million. One million is seventy-five million. It gives me five million is too much. Eight hopes so. Mrs. Tam thinks so too.

But not so.

** *

The afternoon of the second day after the day of the loss, one out of seventy-five. The eldest son Tam Lam announced a shocking news:

– Phung is at the provincial general clinic because he was stabbed a few times by a gangster, Dad.

– What happen? Was it robbed?

– I don’t know either. Just listen to Phuong say that.

– Which child is Phuong?

– Be the lover of Phung’s son, no one.

Eight regretted it once more. So it was a big hit, so this little one was robbed. That’s why it couldn’t fulfill its promise to Eight. Yes, but now I know why. If only we could try another day and dare to hold the city down for a moment, maybe this last hour would have “caused alpha” to shake with the world.

But then news came that Phuong’s son was arrested by the district criminal. He is the one who kills his lover with a knife. Mommy and Daddy… it’s really bad to hear. Eight Lam heard that eye twitch. What’s so big about it? Rumor has it that when you love homosexuals so much, why do you have this case? Before having a wife and giving birth to children, Eight lived a life as a gypsy. What can be left but not curious. Eight could not help but go to the clinic to find out the situation. Why did she stab him like that? Phung used to have a husband, after having a caesarean section, I don’t know why she doesn’t want men anymore. Toss the child to her husband’s family and from there float:

– Uncle Tam’s fault. I’m sorry uncle.

– What’s wrong with you… But why did Phuong stab you?

Phung said that he lives with Phuong but loves Ly. When she learned that Phung took her own money to feed her young lover, Phuong was jealous and made an excuse. Nodding and nodding, the old gypsy Tam Lam knows that in this world, he is also petty and jealous. Tam Lam asked:

– How do you do business to let him know?

– Because of the eleven-year-old son, old man.

– What is eleven?

That Phung’s Ly dreamed of having an “E-Bellet”. Being too fond of mistresses, Phung decided to dig up the old lady’s purse to be rich in Phuong to please her beloved. Phung shows a scene asking for a number in a cemetery…

– Show how? Tam Lam was surprised.

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– Then I staged it from a to â. The second egg stood because I boiled it and beat it with one end you know?

Taking advantage of superstition and greed, Phung took them all to the cemetery and Phuong spent enough money with her eleven children. Three days it spent exactly thirty million to hunt. Phuong did not expect him to give money to his mistress to buy a car. Alas! On Wednesday, the eleventh child popped out. And ten million bodies is seven hundred and fifty million.


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