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I have known in my life that there is a feeling that is almost love, more than love, but it is not love. It is fresh and peaceful, pure and sincere like a patch of morning sunlight shining through a drop of dew. I don’t know the difference between love and affection, and I don’t know how many people have such strange feelings for each other, so only the word “loving” has many meanings to encapsulate it all.

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I don’t know why I like the word “love” more than the word “love”..

If the word “love” sounds passionate and painful, the word “loving” sounds more restrained, but there is something patient, something watching, something quiet but persistent.

When you love someoneLove is not always “hot” like when in love. It is a peaceful, stable yet profound feeling. You will hardly be hurt compared to when you love someone, but the wounds will make you much more painful and tormented.

When you love someone, the passionate feeling always reminds you to worry and care for that person. But when you love someone, the feeling of lightness and calm sometimes makes you forget how much you care for that person.

I used to say that I don’t like student relationships, because what I’m looking for is permanence. I hope I will have a love story like my parents, they are each other’s first and last love. They are together not only because of the word “Love” but also because of the word “Love”, with love to overcome difficulties together, with love to take care of each other so well…

Although when you love someone, the feeling will not be as intense, not as rushing as when in love. But it is this peace that keeps your feelings lasting. Even if you break up, you will always have feelings for that person. That person has a huge obsession with your life that makes you something else.

Some people say that the word “Love” is bigger than the word “Love”. Because there is love, there is bound to be love, and love is not necessarily love. But there are also people who say that the word “Love” is heavier than the word love because when you fall in love, you can stop, but if you fall in love, you will torment for a lifetime…


Do you know?Love is blind, idolizing the other person, and loving is seeing the other’s bad points, hoping and helping them change. Love is jealousy, the feeling of the present, and love is the silent pain of seeing someone else walking with someone else.

When you’re in love, you only think about yourselfWhen you love, you put the other person first, when you love, your heart controls the person, and when you love, reason will guide your heart. In life, who does not want to be loved, to be loved, but who wants to always come true…

Love is when looking at each other passionatelynever get bored looking at each other, miss each other even when together.

Still love…

When sheltering each other under the pouring rain, hugging and warming each other in the cold frost.

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When we see that person unhappy, we also feel pain

When we always want that person to be happy and smile, we should embrace all our sadness. Because if that person is not comfortable, we cannot be happier.

When I see that person struggling, I feel very sad.

Words of love can be said to many people at many times, even the word love is sometimes not very real. But love should only be given to those who really deserve it, because when you love you only love one person, but you love a whole life.

Just sitting next to each other, just when I walk into the room and meet people’s backs, just look into each other’s eyes and people say: “Everything is fine!”. I love a person that is all that is needed, so he always gives me a feeling of fullness and peace.

Love is stubborn, is stubborn, is to get it by any means or not, it doesn’t matter. Love is steadfastness, knowing when to let go, and wanting people to get what they deserve the most. So, if I have a crush on someone, I’ll say it, I also hope people will honestly respond to me, anyway, a rejection is not as painful as a false hope that…


Why the same meaning, which is “loving” but not “loving” is always placed next to “remember” to form “missing love”. Is it because in a single word “love” contains many nostalgia. The word “love” is truly undivided. People who still complain about “unilateral love” rarely listen to anyone who blames “one-sided love”.

I used to say that, love and love is so silly until looking back, I know how stupid I was! And it seems, when we love someone, we become very tolerant people… Yes, I love…

I love someone, love the talking, the smile, each way of breaking sentences and releasing words when talking. The story sometimes revolves around, repeating just that much. Loving a person, we never tire of listening to each other with all our senses and our hearts.


If someone asked me if I was in love before, I would say no, still am, but if asked if I hurt anyone, I would not hesitate to nod. I know it may not work, but love it, love it! My intuition is very good, so if the person I love loves someone, I believe I will know!

Love to the end a person I did not choose to love. I love a person in the way I don’t love to seek love for a couple, don’t love to let others love me in return, don’t love to let people belong to me.

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Epilogue: I don’t know how long I can still love someone. The word “love” led me through the surprises, disappointments, reproaches and acceptance. I love a person, even the evil, the weak. Nothing lasts forever, and there will come a time when it has to die. But just one more day, it’s worth “loving each other”.


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