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What is a word?? What is the syllable? What is the form of the allegory? How to use alliteration effectively? Alliteration and alliteration is an important lesson in the 7th philology program to help students recognize the artistry of this rhetorical device in literature. To help you better understand this lesson, webgiaidap.com will summarize the knowledge related to allusion rhetoric through the article below.

What is a syllable? What is the syllable?

Alliteration, also known as alliteration, is a rhetorical device that repeats a phrase, or a word to emphasize expression, emotion and meaning, helping to increase the suggestive power of a sentence. So, what is the concept of allusion above has helped you understand somewhat the meaning of this rhetoric.

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The form of the adverb

Not only knowing what the allusion is, the students also need to remember the forms of this rhetoric. Messages include the following forms: spaced allusions, consecutive allusions, and transitional messages (circular messages). The differences between the 3 forms of alliteration are specified below:

Spacing Words

Is the repetition of a phrase, whereby these words, phrases are spaced from each other, there is no continuity

Example: the allegory “remember”

“You go brother miss home

Miss water spinach soup, remember tomato and soy sauce

Miss who is drenched in the sun

Miss Who splashed water on the roadside today?

Continuity Message

It is the repetition of a word or phrase with a succession

For example:

“I found you very, very long time

The girls Thach Kim, Thach Nhan.

Green towel, green towel dry the shacks early

Books and shirts are open, the sky is white in the afternoon”

=> In the above verse, the words “for a long time” and “blue scarf” are repeated consecutively, this is the following allusion.

Transition message

Transitional messages are also known as circular messages

For example:

“Looking back together but not the same see

See How green is it? thousands of strawberries

Thousand Strawberries one color blue

Whose heart is sadder than who?”

=> In the above example, “see” and “thousand-strawberry” are transitive allusions.


What is an allusion and its forms?

What is the purpose of the allegory?

What is a syllable? What is the purpose of the allegory? Alliteration, also known as alliteration, is a rhetorical device that is used a lot in literature. So what is the purpose of the countermeasure measure?

Suggest images

For example:

“Slope” up the bend, slope deep”

The word “slope” helps evoke images of rolling hills and mountains

Create emphasis

Example: A poem in the song “Remember how”:

“…Remember the class i sheet

Late at night the torch lights up the hours of the party

Remember the date of the agency?

Life still chanted the arduous mountain passes

Remember the sound of the forest muzzle in the afternoon

Every night, the mortar and pestle are evenly distributed…”

=> The word “remember the stars” is repeated many times emphasizing the author’s fondness for old memories

Create a list

Example: A poem in the poem “Rice of our village”

“Our village’s rice grain

Has a taste of silt

Of Kinh Thay River

Has a fragrant lotus scent

In a lake full of water

There’s a mother’s song

Sweet and bitter…”

=> The word “yes” is repeated many times to list the beautiful crystals in the rice grain, thereby showing the author’s appreciation for the rice grain.

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Help affirm

For example:

“In what beautiful dress with lotus

Green leaves with white flowers and yellow stamens

Yellow stamens, white flowers, green leaves

Nearly mud that does not stink of mud.”

=> In the above example, the author used the method of repeating a phrase to affirm the pure beauty of the lotus flower.

Notes on using allusion

In addition to remembering what the concept and meaning of the allegory is, you also need to know the caveats when using this rhetoric. The allusion is a very common rhetorical device, used a lot in literature to help clearly depict the images and feelings that the author sends into the work.

When using allusions, the purpose of use must be determined, only used when necessary and must have a clear and coherent interpretation, to avoid excessive abuse causing cumbersome writing.

Example: “My school has a red tile roof. My school has a red flag fluttering in the middle of the schoolyard. My school has rows of shady phoenix trees. My school has green lawns for us. My school has been built for a long time, my school looks very ancient and when I look at my school, I have a feeling of closeness and peace. I love my school so much.”

=> For the above example, the word “school em”, “we” is repeated but makes the passage more messy, meaningless, creating a highlight and bringing emotion to the passage. You should avoid this situation.

=> The above paragraph can be edited as follows: My school has bright red tiled roofs, the flag flutters in the middle, there are rows of shady phoenix trees, there are green lawns for us to play. My school was built a long time ago, so it looks very old and when I look at it, I feel very close and peaceful. I love this school very much.

Thus, in an essay, it is possible to combine many different rhetorical measures such as comparison, metaphor, metonymy, alliteration… You need to be selective about the use of necessary rhetorical devices, Do not combine too many rhetoric in a paragraph when you are not “strong” enough to create emphasis.

Practice on allegory

Question 1: (Language Textbook 7 volume 1 page 153)

a) Allusions in the sentenceA people have been braveThat people must be

Purpose: emphasizing the will of the nation, the determination to regain freedom and independence and our nation deserves to be free and independent.

b) The message Planting: emphasizing the work being done Looks: showing the hard work of the farmer

Question 2: (Language Textbook 7 volume 1 page 153)

Find the allusion in the sentence:

But now, my brothers and sisters are going to have to apart. May be apart forever. Oh my god this is just A dream. Just a dream.

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Far from each other: interrupted allusion

Just a dream: continuum

Question 3: (Language Textbook 7, volume 1, page 153)

a) The repetition of some words in the above paragraph does not bring any meaning, only makes the sentence more cumbersome and difficult to understand.b) It can be corrected as follows:

Behind the house you have a garden. I grow a lot of flowers: dahlias, gerberas, roses, chrysanthemums and gladiolus. International Women’s Day, I pick flowers in the garden for my mother and sister

Sentence 4: Write a paragraph using alliteration

Today, I met Lan again in the university exam preparation class. Lan is my elementary school friend, we used to be very close, as close as sisters. After that, Lan’s family moved and I have no news about him anymore.

After all these years, he has changed quite a bit. The short jagged hair of that day was gone, but instead of long, shiny black hair, the dumpling cheeks were gone, replaced by a thin and delicate face, the teeth that had been crooked were now as regular as corn kernels, only his smile remained unchanged, his smile still lit up the sky.

I didn’t think it would be so embarrassing to see an old friend again, we have changed a lot but I still hope we have enough time to find the friendship again – a carefree friendship, a love lovely friend, a love more precious than silver and gold…

Above is a summary of knowledge about what alliteration is and some notes on using alliteration in the text. Hope the article has provided you with useful knowledge for your study and research process. If you have any questions or concerns related to the topic, What is the allusion?leave a comment below, webgiaidap.com will support you to answer!.

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