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mill /mil/ noun (from US, meaning US) min (equal to 1 quintal 000 dollars) noun mill, mill, mill; crusher, rolling mill factory, factory (slang) boxing match (figuratively) arduous trial, tribulation; arduous training; hard workto go through the mill: endure hardships; through tough challengesto put someone through the mill: to put someone through hard trials, to make someone suffer hardships; make someone practice hard transitive verb grinding, crushing, rolling; grind with a mill, grind with a blender; crushing by crusherto mill flour: grind flourto mill steel: rolled steel effervescentto mill chocolate: beat chocolate until foamy (slang) hit, punch, punch, jo, hit; knock down, defeat carved edges, serrated notches; make a ledgeto mill a coin: serrated on the edge of the coin; make a ledge for the coin journalize go around (animals, crowds) (slang) fighting each other
Rolling Beak Roller Mill: Tear Rolling Mill: Metal Milling MillFour Mill: Powder Mill Beak Roller Mill: Tear Milling Machine Polishing Machine Pressing Mill: Sugarcane Pressing Mill: Almond Mill: Ball Mill: Bibar-Type Mill: barn mill: bone burro (stone) mill: two-gauge mill: cocoacake mill: oil-dry millcorn mill: corn mill Country mill: small-sized pulverizercracking mill: hammerflour-bight roller mill: two-axis fruit mill: fruit millgrain mill: grain millHammer mill: hammer mill Hominy mill: corn kernel mill soybean grinding millair separator mill : windmill attrition mill : disc grinder millalmond mill : almond mill attrition mill : disc grinding ball mill : bibar-type mill : thanhbone mill: bone crusher hienburro (stone) mill: two-gauge mill: cacaocake mill: oil-dry millcorn mill: corn mill grain mill: grain millhammer mill: hammer mill hominy mill: corn kernel mill mill: soybean crushersugar mill: grinding of sugar. rice mill (s)price at millflour mill powder mill verb o grind Crush or pulverize. noun o grinding tool Jam-relief with diamond or tungsten carbide cutting edges for crushing jammed objects. o mill, mill o factory, factory § drill mill : cutting bell (for jamming) § knife casing mill : pipe cutter § mill end : pipe end § mill scale : scale on steel


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Collocation Dictionary

mill noun

1 for making flour

ADJ. corn, flour | water (also watermill)

VERB + MILL operate, work | convert, restore living in a converted watermill | drive, power The river was harnessed to drive many mills.

MILL + VERB grind sth, work sth The mill can be seen grinding corn.

MILL + NOUN house | wheel

2 factories

ADJ. cotton, paper, steel, textile, woollen

VERB + MILL operate, own, run | work in

MILL + VERB manufacture sth, produce sth

MILL + NOUN town a northern mill town | buildings

WordNet Dictionary



grind with a mill

mill grain

produce a ridge around the edge of

mill a coin

roll out (metal) with a rolling machine

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Oil and Gas Field Glossary

A tool configured with a rough, sharp and extremely hard cutting surface used for removing metal or resistive materials by grinding, cutting or chipping.

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

mills|milled|millingsyn.: James Mill John Mill John Stuart Mill Factory grind grinder manufactory manufacturing plant mill about mill around milling machinery pulverisation pulverization


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