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mock /mɔk/ noun (archaic, archaic) mockery, mockery, mockeryto make a mock of someone: mock someone, mock someone adjective fake, imitatemock modesty: false modestymock battle: mock matchmock velvet: fake velvet transitive verb ridicule, mock, mock challenge; despise, despise deceive, deceive, deceive parody, pretend journalize (+ at) ridicule, mock, mock
reduceock cake: reduceck cake


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Collocation Dictionary

mock verb

ADV. bitterly, ruthlessly, scornfully | gently, softly ‘Too scary for you?’ he mocked softly. | subtly The play subtly mocks the conventions of courtly love.

PREP. at He mocked at her hopes of stardom. | for mocking him for his failure | with She mocked him with her smile.

PHRASES faintly/slightly mocking a faintly mocking smile

WordNet Dictionary


the act of mocking or ridiculing

they made a mock of him


imitate with mockery and derision

The children mocked their handicapped classmate


constituting a copy or imitation of something

boys in mock battle

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

mocks|mocked|mockingsyn.: ape deride imitate jeer laugh at mimic ridicule scoff taunt


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