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What are lightroom presets?

Presets on lightroom what? What is its nature? Lightroom presets interpreted as the parameters of an edited image. Accordingly, you can apply the available preset files to be able to create more nuanced, unique images and more soulful photos.

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Find out what the ligtroom preset is, its preeminent features

Currently, presets have 2 corresponding types, including:

One type of preset is also used in Camera Raw, the corresponding image extension is .xml.

The advantages of presets on lightroom

Each application software has its respective advantages and disadvantages, so the designer needs to understand the nature and find out the strengths, or the limitations to use it effectively.


To learn more about lightroom presets below graphic design experts webgiaidap.com In particular, the following advantages and disadvantages will be pointed out:

Advantages of lightroom presets

Preset supports you to perform batch image editing operations, perform quick image editing as long as the images need to have similar parameters. Selecting presets will help you shorten the time. get time to make images. Using presets will help you create many strange colors from the custom editing process on it. But it requires you to understand all the corresponding parameters on the software. Through the preset, you can refer to many new color samples used or used by previous designers. .


Limitations of presets

When choosing a preset, if you do not understand all of the above parameters, you will not be able to create the desired product. Choosing a preset when applied to this photo is beautiful, but it does not mean it. will look good on another photo. Because the parameters of each photo are different, the results will be different. If you don’t understand the essence of the preset and apply it indiscriminately, find the right preset for you, etc. This will take a lot of time. and not effective at work.

Instructions on how to use preset lightroom software

To be able to create beautiful lightroom presets You need to know how to operate the software. In particular, it is necessary to understand the nature and need to have a delicate eye to create beautiful, unique products and not to be confused with any other’s products.


How to quickly download lightroom presets

Want to use lightroom presets You need to proceed to download and install the corresponding on your device. But note that you need to choose a quality download link and choose the latest version for maximum support in the image editing process.


If you are not familiar with exploiting quality download links, you can refer to your friends, or you can find out on reputable Web sites to get download links.

Link to download Preset: Download

Steps to use lightroom presets

Using lightroom presets Please proceed with the following steps in sequence:

Step 1: First open lightroom software -> Click Develop.Step 2: Click on the empty area above the preset on the left side -> Click and select Import.Step 3: Choose where you have saved the preset file and select all -> Open to all.Step 4: After you have “Imported”, a file “User Presets” will appear, and the files in that folder will be the presets that have just been included in the lightroom software. Here, select a photo you want to edit and click on any preset and choose the color you want.

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Detailed video tutorial for using Lightroom Preset – HP Connect

More options in lightroom presets

Besides the basic options above lightroom presets People can also use other options that come with it, such as:

Apply in Import: supports automatically applying presets to all the images that you have imported into the software.New Folder: if you want to create a new preset group.Rename: option to support changing the corresponding name to make it easier to manage.Delete: support delete preset.Update with Current Settings: Apply tweaks in preset operations to the original preset.Show in Explorer: able to find folder containing presets.Export: support exporting presets to files.Import: respectively bring a new external preset into the lightroom software.


Accordingly, depending on the respective operations performed in the image editing process, consider choosing the corresponding tool. Knowing and understanding the tools on the preset will help you create beautiful, good-quality images.

HP Connect shares beautiful lightroom presets

Here the experts HP Connect have compiled and shared with everyone beautiful lightroom preset templates according to the respective topic:

Portrait lightroom presets

Depending on the content in the image, consider choosing a color or editing it accordingly. You can refer to some samples portrait lightroom presets down here:


Clear lightroom presets

These clear lightroom The most popular choices today are:


Korean color lightroom presets

The visual style of Korea or each different country will have its own uniqueness. Collection of samples Korean color lightroom presets People can refer as:


Yearbook lightroom presets

Experts HP Connect share samples yearbook lightroom presets Today’s most beautiful include:


Preset lightroom wedding

To be able to create beautiful wedding photos, to record the imprints in your life, you can use editing tools. lightroom presets. Samples wedding lightroom presets Unique for your reference:


Landscape lightroom presets

The theme of images is very rich, diverse and colorful. Here are some pictures landscape lightroom presets Everyone learns:


Japanese color lightroom presets

Collection of samples Japanese color lightroom presets The most beautiful and unique for everyone to refer to:


Bright color lightroom presets

Samples fresh color lightroom presets People should consider options that include:


Hope with the information provided by the experts webgiaidap.com explaining lightroom presets and sharing samples beautiful lightroom presets by each owner has helped everyone better understand this application software.

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Together with the information page webgiaidap.com You will learn more knowledge about editing and designing images with professional photoshop software.


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