What is a programmer?

One of the questions that many technology students are most interested in is: What knowledge and skills do you need to learn to become a programmer? The question sounds simple but it is very difficult to answer, programming is a very broad field, there are dozens of languages ​​to learn, hundreds of technologies to research, and the environment of each company is completely different. each other, so the young people still feel very confused.

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Recently, I have joined a few programming groups on facebook, so I discovered that most of the students still have not imagined what it will be like to graduate from school and go to work. So in this article, I will use all my years of experience in “renting code”, as a confession, to try to describe to students the real life of external programmers. there, what are they doing? Use what language? Are you tired? And how to survive.


Soft skills:

You have to remember: programming is “computer problem solving” not “programming is writing code” as taught in university. Your customers have problems in managing employees, you write a software to help them, your customers need to promote brand products, you design a website to help them, the other cafe orders drinks very slowly because Employees have to write down, you make android apps for them. Programming solves very real life problems, so you need to practice many other skills to solve the problem, this is the most important thing, not your coding skills. Soft skills include job interview skills, problem presentations, sketching ideas, culture and art…

Team work:

Teamwork, which means working with others, no one writes code alone, you have to know how to write code that works with other guys’ code, so from school, learn how to communicate well with everyone if you don’t want to curse each other later. Accept to work with people who are dumber than you and learn from people who are better than you. If you have free time, find some books on communication with psychology to read. Sincerely gentle with everyone, know where your level is and always have a spirit of improvement, but in general you can’t hide your ignorance, after a few code reviews, everyone knows each other at any level. Sometimes it’s too late to overtime, but it’s also fun to drink, ice tea or massage with brothers to increase solidarity :))


Honestly, if you don’t know English, don’t try to program well, if you google it, you have to google it in English to get the answer quickly. However, you don’t have to cut English like the wind or get a high TOEIC score to be good at programming. You just need to read and understand the documentation is enough, if you encounter any errors, you can still go to stackoverflow to find a way to fix them, write the function names, you also have to write in English, in the current globalization era, outsource a lot, your code can be reading by a certain westerner is normal. Don’t worry too much, if you find a difficult word in your own way, look it up in the dictionary, after a while you will be able to read it all.

Self-study skills:

This is a vital element, because the world of technology changes so quickly. The sad news is that anything you learn today will be obsolete in a few years, like when you make an app that runs smoothly on your iPhone 6 then fate, a few days later Apple releases the iPhone 7, distortion run. Knowledge quickly gets old, so in order not to fall behind, you have to “learn how to learn”, which means you have to learn for yourself “how to absorb a new thing as quickly as possible”.

Health issues:

Don’t think that being a programmer sitting in an air-conditioned room won’t worry about getting sick. After a few years, you will see some problems such as back pain, shoulder fatigue or dizziness… Immediately give up the habits of staying up too late, eating at the wrong time and using stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco… The young man after coding madly did a few games of dota for entertainment, sat for a few more hours,. In general, if you don’t work hard to exercise, arrange time to play sports, don’t expect to survive, you have to be healthy to pursue your passion.

Technical expertise:

Programming is a technical discipline (of course :)) so you must equip yourself with certain technical knowledge. So what specifically do programmers need to learn?

I temporarily divide programmers into a few categories as follows, you just need to choose the one that you like the most, and dive into research.

Mobile segment:

You will write software that runs on smartphones, most commonly android and ios. Recently, this segment is quite hot because mobile devices are increasingly diverse and cheap, and the number of users is increasing. Under this array you learn java (if you follow android) or Objective-C, swift (if you follow ios)

Currently, a number of multi-platform technologies have emerged, allowing you to write code once for both android and ios, such as React native or Flutter are also very hot.

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embedded array:

Also known as embedded programming, that is, writing programs that run in electronic devices such as televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, robots, etc., in general, control real, touchable devices. This field is a bit difficult, requires high qualifications, related to electronics, but quite interesting. This field is difficult, plus the trend of InteOf Things is blooming, so the salary in this segment is sky-high. Under this array you learn C, C++ or maybe java.

Web array:

The Web is something that needs no introduction, it is the oldest thing on the internet. According to this, don’t worry about lack of work, because every company needs a web, but honestly, the salary of web developers is not as high as other fields. A lot of languages ​​can be used for web programming, feel free to choose: php, java, node, python, ruby… but you have to learn a lot of confusion: html, css, javascript…

In the web array, there are 3 directions for you to choose: backend, frontend and fullstack. The backend programmer does the server-side processing, storing the data, while the frontend programmer does the client-side processing, i.e. on the browser, rendering the interface to the user. Fullstack programmer is more versatile, who does both backend and frontend, you can refer to the blog’s fullstack web developer course to better understand.

Array of desktop apps:

That is, making software that runs on computers, languages ​​like c#, python, C, C++ can all be made desktop apps. But I recommend learning .NET win form from Uncle Bill for it to be popular, because windows crack a lot, so it’s quite easy to find a job, the salary is also quite good.

Your job is to choose one of the 4 arrays that I mentioned above and then study it carefully. Study until year 3 or year 4, do a few small projects so that you have something to show when you apply for a job. According to mobile, do some apps on the phone, according to the web, do some news or sales websites, according to desktop apps, you must also do student management software. When going to work, experiencing a few times of typing on the keyboard, your knowledge will gradually accumulate over the years.

However, don’t worry that your level is not enough to meet the job requirements, the companies where you practice will have training programs, just hold hands, you will do it all. Even experienced programmers, when entering a new environment, it still takes time to get used to the current system.

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All in all, programming is an incredibly interesting world. This is an article where I babble all the things you need to learn, the problems you will encounter on the way to becoming a programmer. Hope to help you with something, wish you success with your passion.


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