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One fine day, someone said this, “He can’t be an introvert, because he never stops talking. “

Well, this seems to be the paradox of introverts when they are so good at sayings. We all know this very well. Maybe we used to be. They can be very confused with their extroverted friends or colleagues. All of a sudden, these small talkers, like their extroverted friends, seem to suddenly “disappear” just to be left alone. Are they stressed or upset about something? Is not. They just want to do this for a while to recharge themselves, which almost all introverts do on a regular basis.

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When it comes to the right topic or audience, there’s no stopping introverts from becoming the center of attention in a crowd. The right social and professional circumstances can easily lift the veil of the quiet introvert’s secrets.


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In fact, sometimes introverts are the most talkative people in a room. For example, in order to avoid being forgotten by the public, you may easily notice some introverts working in the entertainment industry and public figures. If they have a plan to become a celebrity or a successful politician, they certainly can’t do it by just standing there and making people feel or making comments that they look real. good-looking. Somehow they have to talk and……. have to say a lot.

So where is the confusion and why are some people confused by the views of the talkative introvert? Let’s take a look at some of the points below:

First, and perhaps most importantly, people often confuse introversion with shyness. Introverts are individuals who are inclined to seek their own energy and strength when they turn inward. They prefer a world of silence and control over their thoughts. Introverts often lose energy when active in contact with the outside world. They always feel like they are drained of energy by these factors. They are often happiest when alone or in a small group of friends and colleagues, who also enjoy solitude. So this has nothing to do with fear of others. Everything is related to emotional energy.

On the contrary, shyness is related to fear. Shy people are afraid to do or say the wrong thing in front of others. They may overreact about what other people think of them. Everything right now is just about fear.

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Since both shy and introverted personality types tend to be “hidden,” despite different reasons, introverts and shy people may only look alike on the surface. To make this clear, if introverts also tend to be “rebellious,” they also tend to resemble a shy person by looking a lot back and forth about other people’s opinions. However, it is a result of “rebellion” and has nothing to do with introverts. Given the similarities, however, it’s not surprising that shyness and introverts are often confused.

Despite the similarities, the differences are still very clear. Unlike shy people, introverts are not necessarily bound by fear. If they don’t want to speak, it’s because they don’t like it, not because they’re afraid. The flip side of that is that there’s nothing to stop them from talking as much as they want.

Second, in many cultures – especially in the West – extroversion is seen as the king of these countries. In the world, there seem to be more extroverts than introverts. Extroverts can be understood as the outside of things. They are the people we often meet. Their extroverted style makes everything seem superior. As a result, research also shows that they make more money, have more friends, and are also happier people.

In many cases, adaptable introverts may find themselves behaving like extroverts because of social and professional interests. This doesn’t make them lose that introspection as they still enjoy being alone to restore their energy and look within their own minds to find answers to life’s problems. However, those who follow certain “lines” can sometimes learn to “talk” to their extroverted friends and colleagues for success. Because of this, they can talk more. Then, the world led by introverts will no longer be a world based solely on introverted standards.

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Third, introverts often have a lot of meaningful things to say and often appear at the same time. They are usually deep contemplatives. Why don’t they share some of their thoughts? No wonder they tend to keep these secret thoughts to themselves.

There are many “three stars” of a funny story that have been around for a long time about a pet dog talking to its owner after many years. Of course, the owner was very surprised and asked: “Why have you never talked like that before?” The wise dog logically replied, “I simply don’t have anything interesting to say.” The pensive introvert spends time in philosophical thinking similar to Fido’s famous quote, “Silence is golden, but it’s much better if there’s nothing interesting to say.”


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