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used to refer to businesses and industries that are owned or controlled by the government, or things that are related to these businesses and industries:

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public-sector employees/workers/managers Unions have rejected the government”s pay offer for public-sector workers.
It imposes new taxes while putting a cap on spending, transferred control from unions to the state, and eliminated special regimes for publicsectors workers.
However, subsequent e^orts to privatize these 314 publicsectors enterprises proceed slowly and in piecemeal fashion.
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In addition to these private pension schemes, unfunded publicsectors pension programs that offer similar conditions are provided to state employees.
His account, like many, emphasizes publicsectors managers being constrained by the general organizations and “a complex set of laws and regulations” (p. 16).
Moreover, were the state to adopt the eight-hour day for publicsectors workers, this would be a powerful example.
In richer suburban areas, local authorities and other publicsectors organizations had the resources and time to produce better quality documents.
It is worth recalling that publicsectors employees had their benefit level based on final salary rather than average earnings of the last five years.
And relations of authority in publicsectors firms by definition are relations between individuals and the state.

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It is of significance that some publicsectors breeding programs have excellent client-orientation because far mer groups fund them.
Real publicsectors earnings, on the other hand, increased from an index of 48 in 1983 to 270 by 1992.
While publicsectors size in general may not be associated with corruption, egregious forms of state intervention are another matter.
In 1978, the labor organization formally abandoned its longstanding commitment to publicsectors solutions to achieve universal health care.
First, this intervention would probably require adaptation for use in other settings such as community private practice or publicsectors mental health clinics.


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