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A young layman came to pay homage to the high monk. The two talked from morning to afternoon. When it was time to eat lunch, the maid in the temple saw the two people talking very excitedly, so he prepared two bowls of noodles, one big and one small for them.

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The high monk looked at the two bowls of noodles and then pushed the big bowl in front of the layman, saying: “You should eat this big bowl!”.

As a rule, this layman should push the large bowl of noodles to the face of the high monk to show respect. But this layman did not push back at all, but picked up the bowl of noodles and ate it very naturally.

Seeing this, the high monk couldn’t help but frown, thinking: “I thought that his wisdom was not bad, but it turned out that he did not understand politeness at all!”.


A high monk is sitting in a mountain. (Photo: National Geographic)

After the layman finished eating, seeing that the monk still hadn’t picked up his chopsticks, moreover, with an unhappy look on his face, he smiled and asked the monk: “Master, why don’t you eat?”

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He saw that the monk did not say a word, so he respectfully said: “I am really hungry, I can only eat like a hungry tiger, it is indeed rude. However, if I push the bowl of noodles that you give me back in front of you, that is not my intention. If it wasn’t my vow, then why should I? I want to ask Master, what is the purpose that you give me the bowl of noodles?”

The high monk said: “Dinner”.

The layman seriously said: “If the purpose is to have a meal, you eat to eat, I also eat, I have to be pushed! Wouldn’t it be sincere for you to give me the big bowl?”


In the opinion of many people, being humble to the lower and reverent to the superior is an expression of politeness. However, politeness is only a superficial appearance, and being too attached to the form will make people forget that sincerity is the root.

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In the University, Chuang Tzu wrote: “The mind becomes the child, the heart is the main heart, the heart is the child after the body cultivates (…) From the heavens and the children, the people are the people, the most important thing is to cultivate the body and nature”, that is, sincere thoughts, new and upright mind; Right mind, new self-virtue cultivate well. From the divine son to the common man, everyone takes self-cultivation as the basis.

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