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Contributing to the development of tourism and resort activities, resort is one of the leading tourism models at famous tourist destinations across the country. Not only bringing high economic value to the investor, the resort is also the perfect resort paradise for those who come here. So what is a resort? What are the features of the resort’s architecture? Join Hoangcau to refer to the article below!

What is a resort?

Resort is essentially a resort, a type of hotel built independently into blocks or complexes including apartments, villas, entertainment – sports areas, restaurants, …

The resort is built in locations with great natural scenery, spacious, airy, beautiful and peaceful space. They are far away from urban areas and residential areas to serve people’s needs for relaxation and sightseeing.

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Upstream to the origin of the Resort. It was originally a word for a place of healing and convalescence in developed countries. Later, it became a familiar noun to refer to a place that provides high-class resort services in the tourism industry.

According to current statistics, high-end resorts in Vietnam are often located along the coastal provinces such as Con Dao, Phu Quoc, Phan Thiet, Nha Trang, Da Nang, …

How many types of resorts are there?

There are 3 popular types of resorts: complex resorts, self-contained resorts and convenient resorts.

Complex resort

Complex resort can be understood as a town, a city including many hotels. All hotels in that complex are geared towards the main and local popular amenities and services.


Laguna Lang Co complex resort

In simpler terms, a resort complex is a symbiotic relationship of one or more landmarks near it. Therefore, the complex resort will include many restaurants, entertainment areas, retail stores, conference hotels and other amenities.

Self-contained resort

The self-contained resort (in English is Destination Resort) includes 2 main areas:

Resort resort (Vacation resort)

The resort consists of resorts with attractive facilities attached.

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Specialized tourist area: Often add lively entertainment to attract visitors. Conference hotel: Specializing in providing meeting rooms and accompanying services. There are also several exhibition halls, galleries, restaurants, retail stores, medical facilities, etc.Casino (Casino): Casino is a type that brings a lot of convenience to visitors. There may be specialty restaurants, golf courses, health spas, modern services, etc.


The FORest in the sky self-contained resort project in Mau Son – Lang SonConvenient resort

A convenient resort (English is Property resort) includes an improved hotel in the city. Many places also have spa clusters, casinos, theater clusters, shopping malls, historic buildings and archaeological works, etc.

Convenience resorts are usually the smallest in size. They include only one or two major resort amenities and services. Therefore, it is not closed.

Outstanding architectural style of the resort

Continuity – synchronous service

In addition to spacious, airy, quiet nature, comes with beautiful landscape. Architecture and interior are an important part of creating the attraction of a resort. It is easy to see that the Resort’s architecture is a long block structure, or independent villas, bungalows, etc. Inside are services, which are integrated into a continuous chain to meet all customer needs. Including services from spa, beauty salon, restaurant, coffee shop, swimming pool, sports room,…


The resort’s architectural space is the scientific arrangement of design, construction to the interior layout, which is synchronous and harmonious between the blocks and the resort complex; and between the resort complex and the surrounding landscape.

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Bring the unique local character

The local landscape is the main factor influencing the resort design concept.


Therefore, the resort built in the mountains will have a difference from the coastal resort in terms of form and materials. Resorts in the Northwest of Vietnam often follow the style of houses on stilts, built of stone, roofed with palm trees, and home appliances are often made from rattan and bamboo. While coastal resorts get ideas from seashells, snail shells, sand, gravel, coconut leaves…

Although they have different styles, they have one thing in common: they always blend in with the surrounding environment. Can bring visitors back to the living space of nature, less contact with modern technology.

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