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What is the word “Wefie” and what does it mean? How is the word “Selfie” different from the word “Wefie”? In this article, we would like to share with you some more information about the meaning of these two keywords.

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Meaning of the word “Selfie”


Photo: Yousay.so

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word “Selfie” has been used by users increasing by more than 17,000% over the course of 12 months and is considered a record in the English language. Also in 2013, the word “Selfie“used and developed by a large number of users as a popular social network keyword when it comes to personal photography and community sharing. The editorial director of Oxford Dictionaries – Mr. Judy Pearsall said:Our language studies program collects about 150 million words used in English every month. Research shows that the frequency of use of the word Selfie in the English language has increased by 17,000% since last year.”Are from “Selfie” first appeared in an Australian forum post in September 2002. However, it took 13 years for the vast majority of users to know the word “Selfie“.

Meaning of the word “Wefie”

Wefie is an acronym for the phrase We Selfie (Group selfie). It is possible to say the word “Wefie” Is one “variant“of keyword”Selfie“.Continuation “Selfie whirlwind” in 2013 and this keyword is still “rife” on social networking sites in 2014. The “”the faithful“photographing has been and is being raised”range“The trend of taking selfies is to a new, higher, more creative, more interesting level. That is Wefie, the trend of taking selfies with many people at once, also known as group photography, with many people.

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The photo was taken in the “Wefie” category, an impressively large group of people. (Photo twitter.com)

The difference between “selfie” and “wefie”

If you take pictures”Selfie“You are almost alone in the photo, the expression of emotions in the photo is sometimes not as desired, perhaps influenced by many different objective factors… It is also possible to take pictures. Once done, you will not feel confident with the photo you have taken and are afraid to share it with friends or the community…Take a photo”Wefie“More and more young people love it. Taking group photos, the more crowded the criterion, the happier, the more people laugh, the happier the feeling is. Different from taking pictures”selfie“putting the photographer himself at the center of the photo,”Wefie” allows the whole group of friends to freely express their collective spirit and cohesion by expressing emotions in facial expressions, using the same uniform or a trait that everyone has.


“Wefie” allows the whole group of friends to freely show their collective spirit…

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Moments of “funny“, unique, bold”matter“The group in the photo will become a very memorable shared memory of the whole group of friends. As a group, we can confidently share photos together, even more widely on popular social networking sites.
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