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Enthusiasts of mythical stories in general, and Game Designers in particular, all call magical characters witch or wizard?.

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It is in the Vietnamese version. But in the English languages, especially Old English, the classification of witches is very different.

Each type has a unique appearance, along with unique magical abilities.

When building part plot for Game Design DocumentGame Designers need to have an understanding of these concepts.

If you do not know what is Game Design Document? Let’s learn the concept here.

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The most distinctive feature of the Wizard is always need to use tools to concentrate her magical power (wands, staff…).

Wizards are magicians who have deep and extensive research about magical knowledge. Therefore, the spells performed by them are usually has great power that ordinary witches do not have.

Normally, Wizards usually rarely show up but only focused on magic research and taking notes.



Witch comes from the Old English word “wicce”. This word is used to refer to those who practice magic.

Witch focuses mainly on Research potions and create spells. The magic they got is because practice, study or heredity.

They often live in communities and follow their own rules and laws.

It can be said that Witch has a way of organizing activities quite similar to ordinary human society.



The Warlocks always carry within themselves a dark power and use them to manipulate, threaten, and fight humans.

Warlocks are the traitor in the wizarding world. They were expelled from the genuine magical community because of their daring use black magic.

For that reason, they are often active in alone and secret.



Sorter (male), Sortess (female) is considered a classification of witches The rarest and most special power.

Carrying magical power natural. They do not need to depend on magical tools or spells for support.

The only thing that they need to do, is learn to control and control his great power.

5. HAG


Hag refers to the old, ugly witch.

They usually live deep in dense forests or dark swamps. Waiting, stalking and ready to kill any prey that enters his territory.



Used to talk about magicians or wizards who tend to study magic as a Science logical.

This is also a word commonly used for people who usually have magical abilities.

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Mage is the term for controlled witches the power of the elements.

Depending on the ability, a Mage can control one or more elements.

According to Western elemental theory, all things are born from 10 elementsin which there are 4 main elements


From these elements are born the remaining 6 elements

PlantsIcyLavaMystic EnergyStormDarkness



Druid (male) and Druiss (female) are capable people predict the future and use the magical power of nature (plants, control animals, etc.).

They will normally have high position and respected in the wizarding world thanks to his special magical ability (who doesn’t want to know the future ???? ).



Shamans are witches whose magical powers can reach souls and the spiritual world.

They usually have a great reputation in the community. Can perform major rituals such as sacrifice or cure.

Their aim is to create a harmonious communication between the two worlds.



Enchanter (male) and Enchantress (female) are masters in the field of enchantment spells.

They have very attractive appearance and often use spells to influence the victim’s psyche.

Unlike other witches, they do not exert any significant physical effect. Which mainly affects people based on illusions.



Famous for his dark magic ability use souls.

Necromancers can summon spirits, chat with the dead to learn mysterious knowledge or foretell the future.

In addition, they can also summon a powerful army of underworld because of their ability to control corpses.



Magicians have the ability summon magical creatures from another world.

They can control and make them do what they want.



Magicians or ordinary people have abilities counter and neutralize magic.

Their abilities are mostly natural. But there are also some people who get it through rigorous training, with the help of herbs and spells.



They are scientists who study the occult.

Their main achievement is the creation of unique magical material.

The most famous Alchemist right now is Nicolas Flamel, who is said to have successfully crafted the Sorcerer’s Stone (according to Harry Potter) or, less commonly, the Stone of Alchemy. Ability Turn ordinary metal into gold and craft immortality potion.

I’m a big fan of witch series Harry Potterso I will introduce a page for those of you who are also fans like me.

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Everything related to this is here Harry Potterincluding side stories and appendices. Come heree!


Understanding cultures is the foundation on which you can create the best products. You can access this knowledge in a variety of ways. Like watching movies, playing games, reading books.

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