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Streamer is currently a hot trend right now. Let’s find out what is Streamer profession? How to make money from Streamer job.

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Things to know about streamerWhat do you need to prepare before becoming a streamer?How to make money from Streamer career Accordingly, streamer’s income both in Vietnam and the world mainly come from sources such as:

Things to know about streamers

Live-stream or streaming is a feature of live broadcasting through websites or social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube…). As long as you sit in front of a webcam or phone camera, turn on the live broadcast mode, you have become a streamer. However, becoming a career requires you to be able to attract a lot of people to watch your live broadcast and make money from it.

The forerunner of the streamer is the caster – those who specialize in commenting on a certain topic or activity directly on television. Commentators in live matches are an outstanding example of this.


Streamer is a fairly new job nowadays, but you really understand the streamer profession.

What kind of people will streamers be?

Someone who is good at a certain field and conducts live broadcasting around their strengths. For example, if you are good at the game League of Legends, the video clips about how you play, your shares about the game will attract viewers and you will earn money from those views. Or if you sing well, streams of covers of popular songs will give you the same results. Or you can stand in front of the camera to perform and guide exercises with outdoor sports equipment because the demand for health training is also very high today. In short, you can stream anything as long as it’s legal, not offensive and doesn’t harm others. People who are famous in social or online, like hot girl hot boy, singer, actor Members, etc. can take advantage of live broadcast to advertise products/services… Online sellers who want to market their goods, products/services to many potential customers, being a streamer will be A profession you cannot afford to miss.

Currently in Vietnam there are famous streamers like Pew Pew, Viruss, Missthy, Xuka, Yuri… They still work about 8 hours a day like other professions. That’s the time when they sit in front of the computer to think of topics, compose lyrics and do streaming for their viewers and fans.

What do you need to prepare before being a streamer?

If you find and read this article, then surely you are intending to learn to enter this streamer profession. Especially if you find yourself having similarities with current streamers such as the ability to play a certain famous game well, musical talent, popularity, sense of humor and confidence, please Join us to learn the factors that help you become a streamer!

Follow your passion but still have money

This is often the top criterion of streamers and this industry also originates from here – when a good gamer / or good at a certain field wants to make money from their passion.


Being a streamer is a way for them to follow their passion but still bring in income.

The streamer’s mindset does not focus on how much money he makes each month. Instead, they first try to follow their passion, have a certain foothold to be watched by many people. From there, they make money from their passion.

Streamer career is not as simple as you think. If you only care about how much money you will earn, it is easy to get discouraged and give up in the beginning stage. Only passion can spark creativity, perseverance and persistence in your work.

Coping with many barriers and prejudices

In Vietnam, streamer is still not recognized by the majority of society as a genuine profession. Therefore, many people have prejudice against you as a streamer. Especially family, people around you. For example, what will parents think when they see their children sitting in front of the computer screen talking all day, playing games all day? Especially in the beginning when you need to build a reputation and haven’t made a lot of money from it yet? These things very easily become barriers that prevent you from continuing as a Streamer.

Therefore, you need to be mentally prepared to cope with them and pursue a streamer career, overcome it so that you can persevere and reap sweet fruits later.

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How to make money from Streamer job

When you gain popularity in society or online, with thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions and tens of millions of fans, streamer will be the profession that helps you earn money. out money.

Surely many readers will wonder, where do they make money by streaming for free? Or play video / sit and talk all day like that and don’t go to work, where will the money to live? If they have money, where does that money come from?

In this section, we will help you answer these questions and show you how to make money from Streamer.

Accordingly, the streamer’s income both in Vietnam and in the world mainly comes from sources such as:


Donate or contribute money is a form currently existing in the world of streamers around the world. Accordingly, if followers of a streamer’s videos find it interesting, they can voluntarily contribute a little money to help this streamer maintain their activities.

However, in Vietnam, this concept is still not popular. Vietnamese people are used to free viewing and currently there is no regulation or regulation on this issue. Accordingly, in order to improve the current status quo, streamers need to build trust as well as create closer relationships with their followers on the channel, not only communicating through the screen but also having meetings. face their fans to exchange, give autographs or souvenirs.

Many streamers have quickly made big money just through these offline sharing and meeting, in the experience of successful streamers, they often carve a golden apricot stamp so that when they meet fans, they can stamp them like a way to show the collective spirit of the community, this is greatly responded by fans and increases trust with streamers, helping them to have more donations to maintain their activities.


This is the form that streamers will probably be interested in, and in fact, it is quite popular in Vietnam. Types of passive advertising such as on Youtube, Google Ads ads that appear randomly on your streaming web, etc., you will receive money through the number of people watching your video at that time.


Streamers have many ways to increase their income.

In addition, another form is the business / company that stands as a sponsor for you, paying them to put a banner right under your live stream, a small video playing their ad with the purpose of market your products/services to your stream viewers.

Number of channel followers

Currently the price of a follower on Twitch TV is $4.99 (about 117 thousand VND), the split can be 5 -5 or 6 -4 between Twitch TV and Streamer.

Be a commentator

If you are good at a certain field, the most popular today is the game. Then you can be paid a fixed salary to be a streamer sharing about your favorite game. Usually hired by media companies or game publishers.

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Hopefully, through the above article, it has helped you learn more about the streamer profession and be prepared if you are determined to follow this path.

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