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Tourniquets are very important equipment for emergency services, especially in situations where the injury is very serious and potentially fatal. Their actions are specific to stopping bleeding and allowing first responders and medical personnel to intervene immediately without complications.

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Life-threatening situations can arise from anywhere, especially during a time when gun violence cases are increasing in number. While there are measures in place to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the risk of being shot, sometimes it’s unavoidable. This article will cover how to use a filter to help stop bleeding after being shot.

What are Tourniquets?


An example of a tourniquet

A tourniquet is a tight band used to tie over the arm or leg of a person with a wound such as a gunshot wound to stop them from bleeding. It cannot be used for head or torso. Ideally, it should only be used by medical practitioners and emergency responders because the complications it can bring are not done properly. Only in life or death situations is a triad recommended as it can cause significant tissue damage even when done correctly. Tourniquet applies pressure and blocks blood flow to the injured limb until the person can get emergency medical help as soon as possible.

A tourniquet is commercially available, but in times of emergency, if you don’t have access, you’ll have to improvise with a triangular piece of tape or material and something to use as a windshield. , such as a stick. Other items that can be used include belts, towels or shirts.

Apply Tourniquet:

1) Find the source

The first step is to find the source of the bleeding.

2) Newspapers

Apply pressure to the wound to control bleeding. The process is excruciatingly painful but it will save their lives.


The application of a triad on a military patient

3) Applications

Cut open or tear any clothing that interferes as a travel suit that needs to be applied over bare skin.

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4) Joints

Place a cloth, towel, shirt, or belt a few inches away from the wound; choose the one closest to the heart If the injury is below the knee or elbow, place it above the joint and use a common square knot to tie the material.

5) Windshield or something like that

Add a stick or material strong enough to replace a windshield such as a pen, pencil, spoon, or metal stick. Place this windshield in the knot you made and tie the loose ends of the knot to the windshield.

6) Twisted

Now start twisting the windshield to increase the pressure. This is a very painful procedure for injured people and should make them bite into a piece of wood or skin to avoid biting their tongue.


How to twist the bar of the trio

7) Keep recording

Continue rotating the windshield until the bleeding slows or stops completely.

8) Filter bug fix

When bleeding, stop the windshield protector by tying it to the patient’s body and write down the time of use.

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How a tourniquet works:

The tourniquet is an instrument that applies pressure on the wound to a point closest to the patient’s heart. When the windshield is on, it cuts off blood flow to that particular appendage and can save a person’s life from bleeding to death.


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