What is a university degree in English?

After graduating from the University, you will receive a degree and each country will have different regulations. In our country, if you major in natural sciences and social sciences and humanities, pedagogy, law, and economics, you will receive a bachelor’s degree and it’s called a bachelor’s degree. Those who study engineering are called engineers.

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So what is bachelor in English? What about other graduate degrees?

What is a Bachelor of English?

A bachelor’s degree in English is a Bachelor and a bachelor’s degree is a Bachelor’s degree. Depending on the industry, there are specific bachelor degrees as follows:

Bachelor Abbreviation Vietnamese
The Bachelor of Science Bc., BS, BS, B.Sc. or BSc Bachelor of Natural Science.
The Bachelor of Business Administration BBA Bachelor of Business Administration.
The Bachelor of Commerce and Administration BCA Bachelor of Commerce and Administration.
The Bachelor of Accountancy B.Acy., B.Acc. or B. Accty. Bachelor of Accounting.
The Bachelor of Laws LLB, LL.B Bachelor of Laws.
The Bachelor of public affairs and policy management) BPAPM Bachelor of Administration and Public Policy.

After college, you can work or continue your education. If you choose to continue studying and improving, you should learn about the programs graduate (graduate) to get a master’s degree and a doctor’s degree.


What is a Bachelor of English?

Levels and degrees in English

All levels of study include undergraduate and postgraduate training programs, in English, to understand clearly, you need to first understand the terms in the following table:

Vocabulary Reading convention Meaning
Undergraduate /ʌndəˈɡradjʊət/ students who are attending college and pursuing a bachelor’s degree
Bachelor /ˈbatʃələ/ bachelor
Postgraduate /pəʊs

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