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A Vline face has long become the beauty standard throughout Asia and the target of most women. To get a V-line face, many people choose plastic surgery. However, not everyone has the conditions to have plastic surgery to own a beautiful face.

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Besides plastic surgery, there are still many other methods to help you own an impressive V-line face. Let’s find out with YOJI Nature how how to get V-line no need for surgery.

V-line face without surgery with training method for facial muscles


Facial exercises are one of the most effective and proven methods to help slim the facial muscles. The face is the gathering place of many different muscle groups, so training for the facial muscles will help the face become slimmer like the body, when exercising, it will become firmer. strong and healthy.

Every day, you can exercise your facial muscles by opening your mouth wide and making a sound, repeating this movement for about 10-15 minutes in a row. Alternatively, you can also chew gum for about 2 hours a day. Chewing gum will not make you feel like you are exercising your facial muscles and is completely easy to do. However, you should choose sugar-free candies to limit the amount of sugar in the body.

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Use a mask to own a V-line face


There will be many people who will think that masks are only used to care and beautify the face. However, on the market today, there are masks that help you own a V-line face without surgery. The mask model helps to tighten the facial skin, making the face look small and limiting sagging to help you quickly get the desired V-line face.

Regular massage for the face

Besides facial exercises, you can apply facial massage exercises to effectively slim the face. Massage exercises not only bring the effect of slimming the face, but also improve blood circulation to help the skin and muscles to be firm and healthy.

Have a scientific, healthy diet

A scientific, reasonable diet, effective facial care with products from sunscreen brand S’SUN will provide all the necessary nutrients, limit fast foods, fried foods with a lot of fat to limit the amount of fat accumulated in the body and help the face become slim.

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Own a V-line face with contouring powder


Besides the above methods, you can also take advantage of makeup techniques to create a satisfactory V-line face without having to pay too much attention to diet, facial massage, exercise. for facial muscles…

Hopefully with the methods that YOJI Nature introduces above, readers will choose for themselves the way How to have a V-line without surgery?.

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