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Content Review interview experience at Accenture!!This may be the information many of you are looking for when looking for a job in Malaysia, especially the Content Review opportunities that often appear quite often. In the following article, I will share more about my experience of interviewing for this position.

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Wage: about 3600rm with incentive (with night shift), working from monday to friday

Step 1: ApplyI see the position of content review recruiting all the time, can be permanent or 1 year contract. Previously, I applied for a job and signed a 1-year contract. Compared to a permanent employee, it will still be more beneficial than a contract because there will be some additional benefits in terms of holidays, medical care, … however if you just want to try working for 1 year and then switch to another job, the contract is not bad.

First analyze a bit whether to apply for this position, there are many mixed opinions. Because of the nature of content review, you will take the time to review customer content to ensure that the content does not violate community policies, thus the possibility of exposure to violent, objectionable content. feeling,..daily will be a lot. Plus the opportunity to develop your own skills is not high, not much benefit for your CV later. However, depending on your purpose, if the purpose is to make money, experience, make friends, travel, this is still a great choice. If you want a career, you may want to expand your other opportunities!

As for me, at that time I was unemployed and had too much free time, so I applied because I thought I would have passed the application, after passing, think if I should go…

Step 2: HR calls for interviewThe Malay HR lady speaks Malay English at first, so I can’t hear well at first, but in general, she will ask about her experience, desired salary, why do you want to work in Malaysia, is your passport still valid, notice period is how long (whether you can work or not). Then make an appointment to schedule an interview with the team leader, and then report back via whatsapp (after a while, she will add whatsapp).

During this time, I went online to find out about the company, the job, read a lot of … scandals and opinions were also very confused. But this is still a big brand, and the interview probably won’t pass :))

You can go to the website glassdoor.com, search for the company name, location to read reviews about the company as well as interview tips.

Step 3: Interview with Vietnamese team leader (in both Vietnamese and English)A team leader called for an interview and spoke with an easy-to-listen American accent. Still familiar questions (introduce yourself, experience, reason for coming to malay, ..) you just need to prepare once and everyone will ask these questions :)) After that, he told me to test Vietnamese. he’s a Vietnamese, that’s why his English is so perfect :3 2 important questions are: do you understand what the job will be like in the end – I answer according to my understanding, actually the same as the job description in the file. The second sentence is a situational question: If you were assigned to review a piece of content with an example of a violent beheading now, would you watch it or pass it on to others? Then you probably already know the result: if you want to do it, tell me, there’s nothing to be afraid of, but if you don’t want to accept this job anymore, say no. Then there is still the question of when can I go to work, .. and then common about working time, holidays, … Interview around 15 is the same, extremely quick, and not difficult.

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After the interview, texting with Ms. HR, she said that she was quite positive, but let’s see how the others were (I looked at the interview schedule that Ms. Hr sent to me, there were about 5 interviewers).

Step 4: Pass – sign the contractThe next week, Ms. Hr reported the pass, she said coldly that she didn’t understand the real pass, not only knew that she needed additional information to make the contract, such as passport scan file type, personal information, … types . After that, people will send an Offer letter to their email, directly from accenture with a clear deadline to reply to the letter, how to sign and scan to send it back, if there is any problem, ask who and where.

At this time, I also think it’s very stressful because I have to reply to emails tomorrow, so I decided to carefully read the contract. Mom, I have never seen such a long contract. Focus on the most important information such as: salary, incentive, working time (because this position often has a shift to work night shifts – I don’t like this because it affects my birth time). During the interview, the team leader said he would give you 3 months to work the day shift and then 3 months to work the night shift to get used to it, working the night shift would give you more money); and then find out if there is any information related to the contract penalty.

I emailed a series of questions: The salary in the contract is lower than in the job description (the salary is 3800rm with 400rm shift, the contract is 3600rm in total), why is it only stated in the contract that the company has the right to judge? terminating the contract without seeing any mention of my side, the benefits are added, why is there no information about the holiday to work with salary, … Ms. HR called back but in general the salary is still not increased again and the contract did not change


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