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What is Adobe Bridge?? The question received a lot of attention from customers, today’s article we will help you and your friends better understand this issue. According to our survey and research, Adobe Bridge is a digital asset management software developed by Adobe Systems and first released with the Adobe Creative Suite version 2 product line.

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Introduction to Adobe Bridge


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Many people use a lot of adobe programs such as adobe acrobat, adobe photoshop, adobe reader, adobe flash player, adobe illustrator… but still don’t know what adobe bridge is. The truth is that adobe bridge exists a lot, it is an indispensable application for graphic design professionals.

Adobe Bridge is an application that allows to organize files by renaming a group of files at once, color-tagging or star-rating files accurately, and it has an unmistakable character. like merge, not only that, but it can also edit the attached XMP or IPTC metadata and categorize and organize files based on their metadata.

A question I want to use Adobe Bridge, how do I do?


To use this application, you must first download the Adobe Bridge file to your computer. How to download is also very simple, just visit the official website dong adobe to download the program to your computer. After downloading the adobe bridge file, start Adobe Bridge: From the Start menu > All Programs > Adobe Bridge CS6. Via Adobe Photoshop. Then create the folder: Select Create a new folder, put the file in the folder: Select the files, drag and drop into the folder. So you guys have SETTING successfully applied adobe bridge to the device.

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Maybe you and you do not know the practical application of What is Adobe Bridge? right?. Adobe Bridge can be accessed from any component of the Creative Suite except Adobe Acrobat, a fork that is a different source of adobe. When paired with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge can perform compatible automations for Adobe Camera Raw plug-ins, code snippets, and effects on multiple images allowing the backup editor to edit and customize you are awesome. In adobe bridge there is a default plug-in called Mini Bridge that will add file browsers to Photoshop, although this plug-in can only be used when Adobe Bridge is running in the background.


In short, Adobe Bridge software is loved by users because it brings the best image file program to users. Adobe Bridge is an application that organizes and optimizes the needs of users, with high security and sensitivity as well as good handling. When you organize files in Adobe Bridge, although you don’t know the exact location of files and applications, you can preview each file and this is a great advantage of adobe. bridge. Makes searching and handling much more convenient.

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The information that we have just shared above is sure to partly understand What is Adobe Bridge?? then right? If you are interested and want to use this application, please go to the search engine and download it, how to download and install we also guide. Wish you have a great experience with Adobe Bridge.

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