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AIDA model is a widely applied formula in advertising to bring maximum efficiency in finding customers.


AIDA model – a widely applied formula in Marketing

AIDA is one of the most effective advertising models today and is widely applied in the marketing world. However, it seems that many people are still confused about this concept.

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So, how is the AIDA principle applied to advertising and does it really work as expected? Let’s find out all the information about this model through the article below!

1. What is AIDA?


AIDA is assembled from the first letter of 4 words: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

AIDA is an important principle in advertising, compounded from the first letters of 4 words: Attention (attention), Interest (interest), Desire (desire) and Action (action).

This is a very popular formula used in content PR Marketing and is considered an important “key” that contributes significantly to the success of advertising campaigns.

2. Origin of AIDA?


The person who first introduced the concept of AIDA was advertising expert CP Russell

According to the research of Marketing experts, the first to come up with the theory WHO DA was an American advertiser and salesman named E.St.Elmo Lewis. In one of his works, he outlined three principles of advertising as follows:

“The job of an advertisement is to attract the reader so that he can see and start reading it; then care about him, let him keep watching it; finally convince the other person that, after reading the advertisement, he will believe it. If a marketing campaign has these three successful qualities, it is a successful advertisement.”

Then, from December 1899 to February 1900, the Bissell Carpet Sweeper company in the US held a contest to write advertising content. In this contest, advertising expert Fred Macey, president of the company Fred Macey in Grand Rapids (Michigan) assessed the contest based on the following criteria:

Advertisement Must Get “Attention” After attracting attention it must create “Interest” in the viewer This interest must then stimulate “Want to Buy” Desire to buy will lead to “Decision”. intend to “buy”

But it wasn’t until 1921 that the concept WHO DA officially formed. The person who came up with this formula was CP Russell. And since then, this model has been widely applied to this day.

3. How to apply AIDA in Marketing?


How to apply ADIA in Marketing effectively?

3.1 Attract attention

The first step in advertising is to research your target audience. You have to find out what problems your potential users are having and how they are feeling, and then build on those results to create marketing content that can impact their emotions. row.

And besides, your ads must offer ways to help them solve the problems they are facing. This will help customers trust the product/service more and build customer positioning.


Attracting attention is the first element in the AIDA model

3.2 Creating attractiveness

One thing is clear, if customers are attracted to your products and services, they will want to do more research on your brand.

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So, what to do next if you’re building a model ad WHO DA is to attract customers. Accordingly, you must provide all the necessary information about your brand on the website, such as the mission of the business and all that users will receive when looking for the service.

Not only makes it easy for customers to find your business, the attractiveness of the benefits they receive will stimulate buyers to come to you.


If customers are intrigued by your products and services, they will want to delve deeper into your brand.

3.3 Encourage desire

The next important step of an AIDA advertising campaign is to stimulate desire in the customer. To do that, you have to make sure that the content on your website is useful to users. Because only when they feel satisfied with the content provided, they can consider other further actions, such as making a purchase.

Therefore, by all means you must gain a maximum number of followers and brand awareness. The higher the number of interactions, the more customers trust you and the greater the opportunity to increase sales.


The higher the number of customers interacting with you, the greater the chance that they will buy your product

3.4 Motivating action

The final step in building a model-based advertising plan WHO DA is to promote action. Because even though you have created a desire in customers, you still cannot confirm that they will definitely buy your product. So, what you need to do now is create opportunities for customers to interact with you, and drive them to your business.

Items Call to actions,Calls for “try it out”, “contact” or quote pages and product pages are extremely important factors in driving user buying action.

4. Some common mistakes when applying AIDA?


Common mistakes when applying AIDA model to marketing

4.1 Focus on only one part

Paradigm WHO DA consists of 4 basic steps and they are all equally important. Therefore, to have a complete advertising content, you must focus on all 4 parts above, avoiding focusing on only one step and affecting the entire effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

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Should focus on all 4 parts in AIDA

4.2 Each part of the AIDA model has not reached the standard level

You have focused on all 4 parts, but none of them seem to have reached the standard effect. This is the mistake that most writers make. Therefore, you need to pay attention to each small item in the plan and combine with other marketing tools to help your ads become perfect.

4.3 Title and content do not match

In every marketing campaign, promotional articles are indispensable. However, while the “headline” elements are often focused on by marketers, the main content below is left open!

This series of articles, if published, will make your customers feel “tricked” and waste time on useless content – ​​the basis for resentment and make them pay less attention to your brand. again. So, never let your article fall into a situation like this!


Try to fix the mistakes when implementing AIDA to reap the expected success

In short, the model WHO DA is a great Marketing formula that every business should apply to build a better brand. However, they also require serious investment in conceptualizing and implementing it. And this is no small investment at all!


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