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1. “Alkaline water”, “alkaline ionized water”, “electrolyte water”,… These phrases have become so familiar with today’s life. A variety of functional products or brands of alkaline water also appear on the market, and the most popular are alkaline ionized water purifiers. This article will give you a close look at this water source.

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2. The concept of “acid” or “alkaline” is derived from the pH index present in water. The pH scale will range from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral water. Accordingly, water sources with a pH above 7 will be alkaline, and vice versa (As the table above). Example: Lemon is acidic (pH = 2), apple is alkaline (pH = 8), soap is alkaline (pH = 12), etc. To test what properties your water has, you will need to purple litmus paper, or most commonly used today, a solution of litmus, dropped directly into a certain sample of water. Just one simple operation, you will see the results immediately.


3.Electrolysis Technology is the most sustainable method of creating alkaline water today. In the simplest terms, this technology will provide an electric current and a magnetic force, splitting ordinary water molecules into positively charged acid ions and negatively charged alkaline ions. That is why any electrolyzed water purifier has both acid and alkaline water modes – the goal is to maximize the application to the life of each of these types of water.


4.You may have heard a lot of great health benefits of alkaline water: Slowing down the aging process, preventing and supporting the treatment of chronic diseases, strengthening the immune system, reducing weigh,…

So in general, what is the main function of alkaline water for our body? It is to neutralize excess acids in the body. Yes, the body of any of us is full of acid, especially in the internal organs like lungs, liver, stomach.

A healthy body does an excellent job at keeping pH levels within a range, is called acid-base balance. For example, acid in the stomach and The pancreas works to “even out” the pH of foods and beverages. Parallel with that, Your lungs and kidneys keep the pH in blood is tightly regulated between 7.

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35 to 7.45. So whether your water is alkaline how come?it will be neutralized when you drink it.


To maximize the performance of alkaline water, your water source will need to incorporate more minerals and especially the ability to reduce oxidation that we mentioned in the article Hydrogen Water. So, the claim that the best water for your body comes from electrolysis – is absolutely correct.


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“So, what is the best pH to drink alkaline?”

The human body should only use alkaline water with a pH level of 8-9, including children and adults. The reason is because at the above pH level, the body will be both optimal in the process of neutralizing excess acids as well as keeping it stable, avoiding side effects – most typically acidosis (A type of acidosis). The disease causes the human body to absorb excess active ingredients, leading to metabolic syndromes such as diabetes, obesity, blood fat, etc.


When you want to change a habit, it will take time to get used to the new thing. Same with alkaline water. “The speed is not achieved” is an eternal truth. Start slowly from the right pH level, build a solid quality of life improvement journey – starting with water is essential for every human body.

(The article is referenced and compiled from Healthline and Washingtonpost magazines)


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