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Amazon is considered a giant online retail king used by a large number of customers around the world. It has an extremely large number of sellers and buyers that are not limited to one country, but operate worldwide. The products sold on Amazon always attract a large number of customers, from which their brand is always guaranteed by the best and most reputable services.

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The development of the internet and e-commerce has accelerated the birth and development of the world’s leading e-commerce sites and online shopping sites. However, among those hundreds of e-commerce sites, Amazon is always the name chosen by many customers. However, in Vietnam today, the name Amazon is still strange. Many consumers don’t know what Amazon is. Understanding this, we will give you interesting information to help you answer that question yourself.

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General information about Amazon

In the early 90s, when the internet was on the rise, the need for people to own goods was increasing, Jeffrey P. Bezos soon saw the future of online sales. Grasping the future direction of people, in July 1995, he founded Amazon with the goal of using Internet to serve trading and exchanging goods with the first item being books. It is considered as an activity that transforms the act of buying traditional books directly into the fastest, easiest and most beneficial form for people. You guys refer to how buy books on amazon ship to Vietnam here.

This e-commerce site originally appeared as Cadabra, Inc. However, after noticing that it sounded like “Cadaver” (“cadaver”), he changed it to Amazon, meaning the world’s longest living animal. was renamed the Amazon the longest river in the world. After a long journey of birth and development, from an online bookstore Amazon has gradually expanded its scale and influence to become one of the famous multinational e-commerce companies in the world. world. The products that Amazon offers are no longer limited to books, but include books, discs, CDs, electronics, home appliances, toys, fashion items… from all over the world.


Currently, Amazon is not limited to any country’s market but expands globally. So countries that use internet can choose to buy hnagf on Amazon.

As a retailer, Amazon offers customers a way to shop online with lower purchase and transaction costs than traditional methods. You can also freely choose, compare prices, and evaluate products before deciding to buy without fear of complaints like the traditional way of buying.

Amazon is built on the foundation of a combination of brands, customers, technology, professional distribution capabilities in e-commerce, and a strong team of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for innovation. and best customer service. In addition to its headquarters in the United States of America and an online sales site for the United States, Amazon also established many separate websites for different countries in many other continents such as Canada, UK, Germany, France, China and Japan.

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What website is Amazon?

Amazon is a website of the company AmazonInc dedicated to the US market. It is rated as the world’s leading retail website today. Amazon is considered a multi-purpose retail store, a place for people to come and buy anything online. Customers who need to own high-quality goods just need to visit Amazon.com, you can freely shop and choose your favorite products in a huge warehouse with a full range of products. products in all fields.

Select buy online on Amazon.com is a smart way to shop, helping you to choose the best, quality and most suitable products for your needs. Amazon has always had many good policies to protect its customers. In addition, to ensure your source of goods, you must choose carefully and carefully review the information about the “seller” because this factor may directly affect the quality of the item. that you are selecting.

Quite a few entrepreneurs see Amazon as a fertile ground to develop their business. Because you only need to spend a short time to register for a booth on this e-marketplace and pay a monthly subscription of $9.99, you already have a large number of customers, a stable source of income that do not have to pay warehouse rent.

>Not stopping at the current normal development level, in the future, Amazon will continue to expand its market to many other countries. This creates an opportunity for Vietnamese consumers to quickly better access the huge warehouse of goods in the US and shop freely for themselves and their families.


How to participate in buying on the Amazon.com website?

Amazon is a giant online retail king with an extremely large number of sellers and buyers. It also has a worldwide reach, Amazon’s brand is always guaranteed by the best and most reputable services. With the volume of goods coming from this huge warehouse, everything you need can be easily found at Amazon because the goods are extremely diverse and rich with competitive prices compared to the market, from from daily life to the most luxurious and luxurious items.

For Vietnamese people, Giaonhan247 is considered an Amazon Vietnam to provide customers in Vietnam with needs. order goods on Amazon Quickly get quality goods. Giaonhan247 undertakes Amazon shopping services in Vietnam, and ships amazon goods to Vietnam and then delivers them to customers quickly, safely with the most economical cost.

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Besides, you can see a direct quote of the value of the item when it is shipped to Vietnam and order Amazon or ship it quickly with just a few clicks, no need to wait for a quote. . Customers who choose to use this service can directly manage and track the status of their orders from amazon in the US to Vietnam.

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