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Surely this phrase is not unfamiliar to you, right? So, have you ever used the word “extreme” or “brute”? Please take a moment to think and answer before reading the article below, okay????


The answer is: This word originated as “contact”, but is now used as “animal”.

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Department of excavator is a Sino-Vietnamese word, kanji written as 局促 (or 侷促 or 跼促), in which:

“Department” is a part, what is divided into separate parts is called a department. The Thieu Chuu dictionary explains that “a person’s magnanimity is also called a department”, which means how much the human heart can hold, how much or less profound. In addition, “chunk” also means “shrink” – this meaning is often used in literature. “Contact” is hasty, urgent, close, urgent, strict, urgent.

Accordingly, Tran Van Chanh’s dictionary explains that “contact” is “small”. In the poem “Nguyen Phu Phu” (元父赋), poet Nguyen Tich (of Wei, the Three Kingdoms period) wrote: – Ky Thanh Quach () is a small and narrow citadel. . “Touch” here has a narrow meaning. Du Fu in the article “Mong Ly Bach” wrote: 告歸常侷促, 苦道來不易 – The fox turtle is often awkward, the path of suffering is different”, meaning that when he said goodbye, he was often troubled and miserable. that visiting each other is not easy. “Touch” here means restlessness.

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At the time of Huyen Tinh Paulus Cua, in Dai Nam Quac’s autobiography (1895-1896), he said: “contact” is “vulgar, equal, rude, not knowing how to calculate”. Nguyen Quoc Hung’s dictionary explains that “irresponsible” is “petty, childish, we also understand it as gruff, rude, easy to get angry”.

In short, “clumsy” used to mean narrow, uncomfortable, constrained, restless, petty temperament (see class meaning “a person’s generous mettle is also called lump”. in the Thieu Chuu Dictionary). At this time, the word “brute” is not found.

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However, by the time of the Tien Duc Enlightenment Association, in the Vietnamese dictionary of this association (1931), it was only possible to write “brute” with the meaning “rude, vulgar” and for the example “a grumpy person”. cattle”. The Vietnamese dictionary of the Institute of Linguistics edited by Hoang Phe also notes “brute” with the meaning of “vulgar and rude”, such as “brutal man”, “brutal speech”. At this time, we do not see the “touch” record anymore.

It can be assumed that “gross” is different from “contact”, but due to the correlation in meaning (most evident in the teaching of Huyen Tinh Paulus Cua and Nguyen Quoc Hung), it can also be inferred that the ancient capital written as “contact”, later changed to write “brute”. And if there has been a change that is accepted by the majority as well as recorded by the dictionary, then we can rest assured that we will use “brute force”. #Story of Words

teacup But before, me and my friends kept arguing about this, some were angry, some were rude ????????


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