What is an associate professor of English?

In Vietnam, there are many degrees and academic functions that make it difficult for us to distinguish and understand its English name properly. Titles in Vietnam such as Associate Professor or Doctor are easily confused with other degrees. So do you know its English name yet? Let’s find out this name together.

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Every day, we will share more knowledge with you and today we will know the English name of the associate professor and doctorate.

The English name of the word Associate Professor


In English, this position would look like this:

Studying the rank of associate professor : Assoc. Prof. (abbreviated from the word Asscociate Professor; cannot be written as A. Prof. because it can be confused with the title of assistant professor or assistant professor from the word Assistant Professor. Assistant professor or assistant professor should be abbreviated as Assist Professor. Prof.

The English name of the word Dr

As for the role of a PhD, the name will be as follows:

Doctoral degree: Ph.D; PhD; D.Phil or Dr. Phil (short for Doctor of Philosophy).

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Doctor of Science Degree: Sc.D; D.Sc; SD or Dr.Sc (short for Doctor of Science).

Above is some information that hopefully has brought useful knowledge to you about some titles in Vietnam. In Vietnam, there are many professors and doctors all over the country, so you can learn about its meaning in English. In the following articles, I will share about questions and other special characters.

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