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a result or event that must happen in order for an activity or project to be considered as having been successfully achieved:

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consequently, the fluctuating velocity histories felt by the two points are identical, except at the endpoints, and the separation between the two does not change.
When interval endpoints are replaced by trains and stations, the corresponding distinction between at and near is that of stop and through trains.
In particular, the 100 and 100 endpoints can artificially stretch the distribution of voters around a party”s position.
Both, major systemic hemorrhage and any cerebral or major systemic hemorrhage, were defined as secondary endpoints of the trial.
Table 1 reports the dose-response coefficients for various health endpoints, including an uncertainty interval.
Otherwise, there exists a subarc c of forming a loop (recall that intersects the non-self-intersecting arc only at its endpoints).
A -partial side s is a closed -leaf segment whose endpoints are corners and such that int s does not contain any corner.
Following the above example, researchers may assign different scores (weights) to different targeted endpoints, and evaluate the treatment alternatives based on the scoring system.
In addition, they usually use results based on surrogate or intermediate endpoints to obtain the final endpoints.
We found general agreement that demonstrates effects on clinical endpoints, also referred to as studying effectiveness, should be a main issue in drug regulation.

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Simple models and complex simulations, then, are in at least this way different types of objects, while they are related as endpoints on a continuum.
Intervals with rational endpoints can be encoded into integers and recursive enumerability is the classical notion from computability on the integers.
The classical theory of circle mappings says that n for each na partition of the interval <, 1> into disjoint subintervals (modulo the endpoints).


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