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What is an Event?? What are the tasks that event workers need to do? Why is Event important in the marketing strategy of the business? If you do not have the answer to this question, let us find out.

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Event is one of the effective and effective tools in marketing activities. Let’s find out with MarketingAI now What is an Event?? Types of Event Marketing and how to measure the results and success of Event Marketing in the article below.

What is the purpose of the Event? The nature of event organization

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the events industry will grow 44% between 2010 and 2020, surpassing most growth projections for other industries. So why is the events industry growing so quickly and why has it become such an integral part of successful marketing strategies?

Event Marketing is one of the best ways to:

Build brand awarenessIncrease customer engagementGenerate leadsEducate leadsPush sales to customers

What is event organization?

Organizing an event or organizing an event is an activity that is planned, built and implemented to help attract many participants and be known according to the purpose of the person who wants to organize the event.

What is the purpose of the event?

Organizing events will help promote the image of the business and help consumers know the services and products that the business provides. From there, it helps to increase the number of potential customers to achieve the ultimate goal of increasing revenue for the company. Each event has its own purpose, so the duplication of ideas will affect the reputation of the event. Depending on the size of the event, you need to choose the right venue, the space must be enough for the guests.

Common types of Events

Events have many different types and forms, and Events are generally divided into the following three groups.

Events in the business

Events in businesses usually refer to conferences, seminars, opening ceremonies, etc. This event will normally be of an internal nature but has an impact on brand advertising, so businesses are very interested. For example, the opening ceremony is often the day for businesses to make an impression on customers.


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Why is Event important in the marketing strategy of the business?


What is Event? How to measure the results of Event Marketing (Image: genesisio)

To maximize the impact of Event Marketing strategies, it is necessary to set the right goals and use relevant KPIs. Defining and measuring the success of the event is just as important as the event itself. Here is a list of ways to come up with Event Marketing goals and 9 goals measure event ROI right way.

Choose a smart goal

Before diving into specific KPIs, you have a better understanding of how goals are defined. By choosing smart goals using this method will help you to achieve your desired results in the most effective way possible.

Detail goal: The more specific you are when articulating your event goals, the closer you will be to achieving them. Asking detailed questions can be a great way to come up with comprehensive answers.

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Measurable goals: Specific goals are more effective when they can be quantified because you can then measure their direct impact. Easy-to-measure factors like costs and revenue are the best way to answer the question.Goals can be achieved: Keeping in mind the difference between ambition and unrealistic, make sure to set goals that are achievable but never out of reach.Result oriented: Goals should measure results, not activities. While it can be helpful to send 50 personal emails to potential event sponsors, a better goal is to secure a hard commitment from 5 event sponsors within the next 6 months.Time limit: All goals should have a follow-up deadline. Create a timeline for your goals and analyze how they will evolve over time.

What are the 9 KPIs to measure Event success?


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Attendee interaction

Understanding attendee engagement can be a clear indication of whether event content is relevant and valuable to attendees. Event Marketing is about fostering relationships with customers and prospects, so tracking their engagement during an event will help better gauge the success of relationship building.

Social media mentions

In today’s digitally focused world, social media and events go hand in hand. Events have become a source of content for both organizers and attendees. It’s not uncommon for 98% of consumers to create digital content at events, and 100% of attendees to share that original content on their social media channels. Therefore, maximizing social media mentions is crucial for the overall success of your event and in ensuring that your event brand will reach a global audience.

Speaker interaction

One of your primary goals should be to provide event content that resonates with attendees. One of the main sources of content during your event will most likely be the speaker’s keynotes. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your speakers are providing valuable knowledge that is connecting with attendees.


What is Big Event – ​​Customer conversion rate (Image: bizzabo)

From the number of qualified leads you collect from your event, track which ones actually led to a contract deal. This will help you calculate the direct ROI of your team’s Event Marketing efforts and help you strategize for future events. Understanding which tactics work and which don’t when trying to win new customers is an important insight for Event Marketing.

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So, here are some detailed sharing of MarketingAI to help you better understand What is Event? As well as things around the Event that you should know. Using Event to promote brands and products is an extremely necessary thing in today’s marketing trends. Hopefully this article will be useful for readers, especially for Marketers.

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