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Exhaust fan is a fairly common device used in industry. And one of the famous exhaust fan brands on the market today must be mentioned Dasin fan.

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Application of industrial exhaust fan

Industrial exhaust fans are used to draw and push air with high pressure. Primarily:

Provide fresh air in basements, high-rise buildings under construction, where there is a flow of dilute oxygen. Absorb heat, exhaust gas, or odors in factories, research rooms Depending on the needs of users , this type of ducted exhaust fan can direct the wind according to the requirements and location of the place of use.


Dasin industrial exhaust fan

And depending on the nature of the work that the customer can choose for the project and the purpose of use, the customer should balance the models. Dasin industrial exhaust fan have different specifications that are most suitable and perfect corresponding to the cost that customers have to spend.

Dasin currently provides 3 fan codes which are KIN-200 . exhaust fan, KIN-300 and KIN-500.

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Advantages of Dasin industrial exhaust fan

In terms of speed: strong wind flow, high capacity operation, maximum fuel savings. The entire fan production material outside is powder coated, ensuring durability, anti-corrosion, anti-rust when fan must operate in bad environment. Fan motor is designed with 100% copper wire, sealed motor should not be affected by the outside environment. The surface is solid, absolutely safe thanks to the protective iron net for consumers. Safety, high explosion-proof, industrial exhaust fan can work 24 hours continuously without worrying about overheating or overloading. Finally. , warranty. Industrial exhaust fans are warranted for 2 years nationwide at absolutely free cost (applicable to errors caused by the manufacturer), for technical errors on the consumer side will be charged. fees and notify warranty and maintenance claimants.

In addition, when connected to a flexible hose, the exhaust fan can help the KIN series operate more efficiently in small and narrow spaces such as drains, tunnels, tanks, etc.

However, because each Dasin KIN fan code has a different size, different types of corresponding ducts will be used. Like KIN industrial exhaust fans, Dasin offers to the market 3 types of corresponding fan ducts such as KIN-200 . air duct, KIN-300 . tube and KIN-500 . exhaust fan connection pipe.

With a network of agents distributing evenly across market segments, buying an exhaust fan anywhere is extremely simple and quick.

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Please contact AZK via hotline 0965424236 for advice buy industrial exhaust fan most suitable and guarantee the most competitive price in the market.

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