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Scientists are conducting/carrying out/doing experiments to test the effectiveness of the new drug.

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I”ve bought a different kind of coffee this week as an experiment (= in order to see what it is like).
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Four bags were removed from each plot 50, 105, 190, 290 and 360 d after the beginning of the experiment.
The word permitted a nonscientific psychological preoccupation to reappear as the subject of scientific experiment.
A simulated experiment with an atom trap was planned with five sections, and then let run to generate the composition.
Various aspects of the interaction of relativistically intense pulses with preformed plasmas and solid targets were evaluated in the experiments.
He possibly tried the same experiment also with facing planes in a spherical container with an equally negative result.
The results, presenting both qualitative and quantitative analyses, provide interesting insights into the responses of the students to the experiment itself.
So qualitative researchers are as likely to influence the nature of the research setting as are quantitative researchers in artificial experiments.


Words often used in conjunction with experiment.

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