What is an iPhone certified pre-owned?

iPhone CPO is a worthy choice for those who want to own a genuine iPhone at a cheap price. The following article will help you better understand iPhone CPO as well as recognize the difference between iPhone CPO and refurbished iPhone (Refurbished).

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1. What is iPhone CPO? Origin of iPhone CPO

iPhone CPO (Certified PreOwned) is a term used to refer to iPhone products with problems arising in the process of being shipped (displayed machines, machines in the 14-day trial program in some countries, dented boxes when shipped). ,…) was recovered, repaired by Apple and released to the market for the second time.

All CPO iPhones have to go through Apple’s rigorous testing process, box them, and put them on the market with quality, accessories, and a 12-month 1-for-1-for-1 warranty as a new product. iPhone CPO is sold at a cheaper price, but still ensures the company’s quality inspection criteria.

The front box of the product will have additional text describing the product and the Apple Certified Pre-Owned line. The back still has full information about the origin, serial number, and code of the iPhone.


2. Pros and cons of iPhone CPO

Compared to a new iPhone, the iPhone CPO clearly has the upper hand in terms of price given its lower regular list price. from 2 to 3 million VND. In terms of quality, the iPhone CPO is 100% new and standard, given a new and unactivated IMEI number.

If you are a person who always considers the price of the product and the budget is quite tight, the iPhone CPO is the choice. Quality assurance but low price.

However, iPhone CPO is a product that Apple has re-checked for the second time, so the number of CPO machines on the market is not much. Because the probability that this company makes a mistake is very small. This leads to the appearance of many unsecured, impersonated supplies to sell poor-quality products and replace components and spare parts.

Therefore, buyers need to choose wisely when buying CPO iPhones, by equipping them with background knowledge to be able to identify a standard CPO product, avoiding “money loss”.


3. How to recognize iPhone CPO

Because Apple manually restores it, CPO products come with full boxes, accessories, manuals and of course the original seal, have not been activated like a brand new machine, and are still warranted for 12 years. month. The iPhone CPO series comes in a pure white box with the words “Apple Certified Pre – Owned” and has absolutely no product image.

To make sure this is a CPO device, users need to flip the back of the box and then check the IMEI on the Apple system before activating the device.

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4. Should I buy an iPhone CPO or an iPhone Refurbished?

These are the same iPhone products that Apple launched for the second time at an affordable price. However, for used refurbished iPhones from users, Apple will not replace the entire chassis. Therefore, the device may not reach the most perfect state, perhaps there will be some scratches caused by previous users.

Besides, the selection of refurbished machines is also “chance”. Since each machine will have a different problem and there is no limit to all Refurbished machines will be of equal quality.

In Vietnam, both of these iPhone lines presently not yet Yes processing degree tell onion are from Apple which only has the warranty from the store you bought it from. However, at Apple stores in some countries, the warranty of refurbished iPhones is less, even in many cases only within 90 days.

It can be seen that the CPO iPhone guarantees more quality and benefits than the refurbished iPhone.


5. Notes to buy a quality CPO iPhone

Essentially iPhone CPO is 100% new and genuine. Therefore, all machines sold are very secure. However, before you buy, you also need to check by: visit Apple’s website, then go to support Enter your device’s IMEI. If the results return you a message Please Active Your Iphone means your machine is unused and guaranteed 100% new.

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